Season 3 Episode 8

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2000 on CBS

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  • John tries to quit smoking...again.

    John walks into the diner and claims that he's going to quit smoking. Apparently, the price of cigarettes has gone up again. Reggie tells John a list of words as a test for her college class. He's supposed to remember the words, and see how well he remembers them for the day.

    At the office, John helps a patient, Mr. Williams. He's a large man who is trying to lose weight through dieting, but is having problems, because he loves food. John knows what he's going through, since John is a smoker.

    John goes back to the diner, and Reggie asks John to tell her what words she told him to remember, and he says a few of them. Things aren't going so well; this test is just more stress for John.

    John has been asking Linda for an X-Ray of Mrs. Goldsmith's hand, but Linda has to stall, because she accidentally X-Rayed her foot instead of her hand. Linda decides to call her and ask her to come down and get an x-ray. She said she was down there yesterday, but Linda says she's wrong, that she was never down there.

    John's been stressed out all morning, every little thing is setting him off, and Linda suggests he go outside and get some fresh air. He goes out the back door, and loves the air. Margaret is sitting right next to the door, smoking. She stopped smoking, so this is surprising.

    Margaret is stressed out about her marriage. Louis was supposed to take her on a trip, but Louis has decided to take the trip on his own. Margaret has been having marriage problems for a while now. After talking to John, Margaret gets rid of the cigarettes by throwing them into the dumpster.

    When Mrs. Goldsmith comes down for the x-ray. Linda is yelled at by Margaret about the coffee pot. The coffee pot was left on, but the pot is empty, which increases the liklihood that the pot will crack. She is told to make some coffee, and Margaret leaves the room. Linda walks over to the coffee pot, and sets down the x-ray of Mrs. Goldsmith's hand. She then grabs the pot, and walks away to get water or coffee. John walks into the room and yells at her; there's no time to make coffee right now, John exclaims. She sets the coffee pot down onto the x-ray, and is distracted by something else. She goes back to the coffee pot, and realizes they're stuck together, and the x-ray is ruined.

    John goes down to the diner, he's all stressed out from not smoking. Everyone at the diner says he'll never quit smoking and they make bets about it.

    Mrs. Goldsmith comes back to the office after being called by Linda. She claims she was just there, but Linda assures her that she wasn't.

    John and Margaret start talking in John's office about her marital problems. All of a sudden, the phone starts ringing like crazy, he's putting people on hold, Margaret's talking about her problems. Reggie walks in to get John to repeat the words from the test, but he's busy. Margaret then turns to Reggie to talk about her problems. John's been yelling to Linda to get the phone, but she's hiding from him because he's stressed out. Jake walks in to the office to see if John's smoked yet, that way he can collect his bet. The office is in absolute chaos. All of a sudden, John's not there anymore.

    They cut to a shot of smoke coming out of a dumpster; John's in there smoking the cigarettes Margaret threw out. This was a really good scene...very funny.