Season 6 Episode 11

Snow Means Snow

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2004 on CBS

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  • John and Chris have problems getting to Bermuda because of a snow storm.

    Chris comes into the diner, freezing. She complains about winter to Jake. John comes in happy about winter; with all of the winter injuries and the flu season, it makes a lot of money for John. Hector comes in freezing. The heater in his jeep doesn't work, so he's wearing several sweaters, pants, and coats. Chris reads through part of the paper, and finds an ad for a trip to Bermuda, and suggests that she and John take a trip there, but John's hesitant. She's able to convince John to go with her if she's able to get a trip there for $200, which is highly unlikely in John's opinion.

    At the office, Linda is chatting on the phone, to a psychic. Margaret walks in and tells her she's not paid to talk on the phone. Margaret has some good news, her husband is leaving town, on a golf trip. John walks a patient out of the office who needs to start wearing gloves, or he'll get frost-bite on his fingers. Chris walks in and tells John to get ready for the trip to Bermuda. He tells her that he didn't think it through, but after Margaret mentions they could use the referral service, John agrees to go.

    Back at the diner, John walks in with a suitcase packed with peanuts and candy bars. He plans on eating the expensive ones at the hotel, and replacing them with the ones in his suitcase. A $15 dollar candy bar tastes better than a $2 candy bar. Jake walks into the diner and tells Chris and Jake about the snowstorm, which freaks Chris out a little, because this would delay the trip. She tells John it's time to go to the airport before the snowstorm hits, but John says he's got patients to deal with.

    At the office, Margaret and Linda are waiting around with no patients, and finally leave, much to the dismay of John. Chris calls John at the office and tells him it's time to leave. He responds by saying that there's not going to be any storm, but as he gets to the diner, he's wrong. It looks like a blizzard.

    After a commercial break, Margaret and Linda walk into the diner with news that the buses and airport are shut down. John tries to cheer up Chris by suggesting they stay in and rent a movie, but Chris hasn't given up on the trip; she wants to get on the connecting flight. After a while, Chris finds a way to get to the connecting flight, but she can't get to Penn Station.

    In walks Hector, who needs to keep moving his jeep so it doesn't get plowed over. Margaret, Linda, and Chris all ask Hector for rides in his jeep. He agrees to take them, and asks Jake to come with, so he can park in the handicap space. Jake asks if he can drive, and Hector says yes, since you really can't see anything out there anyway. They all leave, well, everyone except for Chris and John. John doesn't want to go on the trip because he's worried that after spending time with Chris for a few days, she won't like him anymore. After several minutes of talking about it, John agrees to go with her.

    At the diner, Hector, Jake, Linda, and Margaret walk in to ask Chris about how the trip went, but she didn't want to talk about it. John walks in and asks Chris if she's feeling any better. Since Chris wouldn't tell the story, John told everyone about the trip. Chris fell and hurt her leg, and spent the entire time lying in bed.

    I found this episode to be rather funny, but I wasn't quite sure where the episode was going; the writing wasn't the greatest, although I did enjoy the bit where John showed Chris his suitcase.