Season 5 Episode 1

Someone's In The Kitchen with Reggie

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2002 on CBS

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  • Who will John be with? Reggie or Chris?

    The show begins with a look back at the events from the previous couple of episodes.

    John sneaks down from Reggie's place upstairs, and tries to leave, but has problems when Jake comes in. John tries to fake coming in through the front door, but Jake knows he's lying because the door is dead-bolted, so Jake knows John slept with Reggie last night. John tells Jake about the whole thing, and he leaves.

    Linda walks into the office, late as usual. Margaret and Linda get into an argument about what it means to do something next week, and they manage to get John involved.

    John walks into the diner, but the only other person there is Bob. Jake comes out, from the back, and it seems Jake told Bob all about John sleeping with Reggie. Chris comes in she says she had a good time last night, and John obviously did as well. John comes right out and tells Chris about he and Reggie, and it really shocks her, but she seems to take it pretty well.

    At the office, Margaret asks Linda to tell her about who's coming in next, and they end up getting into another argument about the same thing as earlier. Linda takes an x-ray in to John's office, and John tries to ask her about his relationship thing. It seems Jake even told Linda about John and Reggie. John and Linda end up in a debate about safe vs. risky relationships.

    John comes into the office and find Bob and Jake talking. It seems Reggie's not been in yet. A guy comes in, looking for coffee, so he has to help himself to it. John talks to Jake about he, Reggie, and Linda. The man who came in, ends up taking care of answering the phone and taking messages for Jake. Linda and Margaret come in, just in time for the man to read the message Reggie had for them. Reggie says she's leaving, after she realized how big of a mistake she made with John.

    Out for dinner, John's stands up to greet Chris, who comes in. John asks for some wine, and Chris is a little surprised when John tells her that he wants to be with her. She likes what John has to say, but gets upset when John tells her about Reggie leaving town, and she thinks the only reason John decided to be with her was because of Reggie's leaving town. Chris throws several glasses of water and wine in John's face and walks out.

    Although I don't like the idea of Chris replacing Reggie, I thought they still did a great job with this episode.