Season 6 Episode 4

Spontaneous Combustion

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2003 on CBS

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  • Jake's depressed about losing his grandmother, while Chris and John try to advance their relationship.

    John comes into Ming's to wait for Chris. Ming isn't too happy about seeing John since he uses so many coupons he ends up owing John money. When Chris walks in, John greets her with a kiss. When they sit down, they chit-chat for a minute and consider what they want to order. We hear their internal thoughts which reveals Chris thinks tonight just may be the night, while John's happy about the fact that he's got so many coupons.

    Back at John's apartment, John and Chris start to make out, but we hear their internal thoughts which tell us they're really not feeling well and not really in the mood. When Chris gets a migraine, she asks John to get a cold towel and aspirin. John chugs down a bottle of medicine to ease his stomach, and they both agree it's not going to happen tonight.

    At the diner, Jake's still depressed about his grandmother passing away. The moping around is really annoying Hector and Chris. Hector tells Jake to go and clean up his grandmother's things and sell some of the things he doesn't want or need. Jake doesn't like the idea so Hector volunteers to do it himself, and this upsets Jake even more. Margaret comes in to get coffee and she complains about Jake who kept her up all night with phone calls about his grandmother. When Jake comes out of the restroom, he chases Margaret out with stories about his grandmother. John comes in and invites Chris out tonight since things didn't go so well last night.

    Margaret walks into the office and is surprised when she sees everything has been redecorated. Linda claims she used feng-shui to redecorate the office. John comes in and gets upset as well when he notices the changes.

    Chris comes over to John's apartment and they kiss when she comes in. John lights a candle and mentions having wine. He asks her about how much foreplay she needs, but Chris admits she's ready. They then talk about where to have sex, and they decide to start out on the couch. They're interrupted by the neighbors who are yelling at one another. John gets up and goes outside to yell at them. When he comes back in, he notices Chris has left.

    Back at the office, John checks out a patient of his who has erectile dysfunction. Linda comes in and tells him Chris is in his office, so John leaves to see her. In his office, he talks to Chris about why they weren't able to have sex last night. Chris thinks they need to be more spontaneous. John jokingly brings up the idea of having sex in his office, so Chris goes for it. Linda comes in and interrupts them for a signature. Margaret then comes in to disrupt them. She tells him that he's got patients to deal with. When the man with erectile dysfunction walks into John's room, he sees Chris half-naked and he tells John that he's all better now.

    At night, Margaret comes into the diner and Hector asks him to close up. Jake then comes in and wants to talk to Margaret, much to her frustration. They sit down and she tells him he needs to get over everything. Jake tells her about how whenever Jake was upset, his grandmother would tell him all things would be better.

    Outside of their apartments, Chris and John meet up and talk about their relationship, as nothing seems to be going right. When they're interrupted by their noisy neighbors, Chris yells at them, which turns John on.

    There were a few decent scenes here, but as a whole, it was a fairly average episode, not that impressive.