Season 2 Episode 8

Stumble in the Bronx

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 1999 on CBS

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  • While helping Jake, John gets shot and breaks a few ribs.

    At the diner, Reggie gives Jake a word-association test, when John walks in complaining about a kid who was trying to sell him candy bars. Reggie decides to do the word-association test on John. Jake needs to go renew his vendors license, so he leaves when Bob comes in with news about his wife taking all of his money in the divorce.

    John walks into the office to see that he's got no patients, but has a lot of paperwork to do. John walks into his office to do paperwork, when he sees that Linda has accidentally glued herself to the skeleton.

    John escorts a man out who wants penile enlargement surgery. Just before John walks out to go home, Jake calls and says that he's been robbed and he wants John to come pick him up. Linda walks through the office, with the skeleton in tow.

    John goes to get Jake, and as he's walking him to his car, two men get into an argument, and John gets shot in the shoulder.

    At the hospital, Margaret comes in to see John. John wants Jake to feel guilty. Not only did John get shot, but when he fell down, he broke a few ribs. A detective comes in and asks John about the shooting, but it doesn't go very well. There's still a lot of confusion.

    At the office, Linda is telling people that John was shot at a gay bar, which makes everyone think he's gay, but he's obviously not.

    Back at the hospital, Reggie stops by to see how John is doing. A doctor comes in to yell at John for his attitude to all of the nurses. After she walks out, Bob comes in and hugs Reggie, and then chats with John. Bob also thinks John is gay.

    In the middle of the night, a nurse comes in to wake up John to give him a sleeping pill. Linda then comes in with some magazines, books, Chinese checkers, and other things to keep him busy. Nurses then come in to change John's linens, but they're not listening to John's complaints, instead they're chatting about a soap opera.

    Back at the hospital, the doctor tells John he should be able to go home in a few days, since he's still a little weak. They exchange insults at one another. John tells the doctor that he's leaving, but she warns him about leaving, as he's still got problems and is still very weak.

    John leaves the hospital, but before getting into a cab, he runs into Jake, who chews John out for claiming that he felt helpless. Jake says that that's nothing, try being blind for a day. John gets into a cab and drives off.

    Overall, a good episode, but with the injuries, there was more drama than comedy in the second half of this episode.