Season 6 Episode 12

Subway Story

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2004 on CBS

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  • Very nice episode. I liked the slow build and the subtle transition

    Very nice episode. I liked the slow build and the subtle transition to connect it to 9/11. May not have seemed that way to people not from the city because it just smacked them when the old lady started talking about the view from the office. Anyone familiar with the area probably started getting chills at the first site of the chambers street station.

    The whole computer incident was standard Margaret/Linda fare. The Jake subplot seemed irrelevant but did supply a couple of one liners.
    It would have been very interesting to see how John would have interacted with his friend's wife.

    All and all a very satisfying episode that left me misty towards the end. I, like the others reviewers, do not understand why this was done so late.
  • It took a long time for Becker to put 9/11 at the heart of an episode. Too long, given the show's undisguised gritty New York City locations.

    It took a long time for Becker to put 9/11 at the heart of an episode. Too long, given the show's undisguised gritty New York City locations. The lost woman is trying to get to Ground Zero, where her son died; the subway station she & Becker finally reach is Chambers Street. Life has returned to "normal" indifference & rudeness as people hurry by. The World Trade Center is never mentioned. Everything is implied. The other "stories" in this episode - Becker's old med school buddy with the rotten marriage, the computer fiasco at the office, the Stevie Wonder tix - are weakly pasted on. It would have been illuminating if the entire episode had focused on some aspect of each character's response to 9/11. But the show had already been canceled, so there was no need to deepen these characters any further. A season too late for this topic.
  • Part of the episode was funny, the ending was sad.

    Hector walks in to the diner, and Jake is excited to see him. Jake asks him if he would go and pick up some tickets for him, but he refuses to since Jake wouldn't take Hector to the concert. As Hector leaves, John walks in and gets news about an old friend in town. Jake asks John if he would go and pick up the tickets for him, and he agrees to, and then John suggests to Chris that she make arrangements for the dinner with his friend, and she would come with. She's a little surprised by the request, since she's never met any of John's friends, and is a little concerned about how she'll be introduced to his friend.

    At the office, John tells his patient that he doesn't have any disease, he's just a lazy bastard. Linda was working on the computer, when all of a sudden there is a "fatal error" message on the computer. There's a file containing medical insurance information that's missing.

    On the subway, John helps a woman get directions after she's lost. She took the wrong train and is on the wrong side of town. He ends up losing his seat in the process.

    At the diner, John's friend and his wife enter, and Chris introduces herself to them, but the wife seems rather rude.

    Back at the office, Margaret and Linda are tying to think of ways to get the computer file back. Linda suggests that they start a fire and burn down the office; the insurance will cover it. Margaret decides to call the computer guy and take the money it costs to fix the problem, out of Linda's paycheck.

    Back on the subway, John's still trying to explain things to her, but she's terrible with directions, and they try to find a pen and paper to write the directions on. John's pen ends up getting broke in half, and they never found a piece of paper.

    Off of the subway car, John's late for dinner, and is stuck with the woman who is lost, and she still doesn't understand the directions. John decides to take the woman to wherever it is she was going to go.

    Back at the diner, Dickey's wife is still acting rude.

    Back at the office, Margaret was able to find the file after contacting the computer guy. Margaret accidentally reveals she was the reason the file got lost, not Linda. Margaret has to apologize after Linda yells at her and says she does a lot more around the office that she doesn't get credit for.

    At the diner, Jake is on the phone with John's answering machine, asking where his tickets are. Dickey tries to tell Chris a story, and ends up insulting his wife on purpose. Chris is angry about the way the evening has gone, saying John only cares about himself.

    John helps the woman get to the street she was wanting to go to, but she won't go any further on her own, she can't. She reveals to John that her son died there, but she can't go up there now, even though she's made the journey this far.

    The plot with Jake and the tickets didn't have much substance; it allowed for a few jokes from John and even the older woman, later in the episode. The plot with Margaret and Linda was rather typical, and it was good to see them make up. I was surprised that there wasn't a good reason why Margaret lost the file in the first place, this was never explained. The plot with John's friend and his wife was hilarious. It reminds me of a married couple in the last season of The Drew Carey Show, the same sort of humor, I loved it.

    The ending of the episode was a bit sad. I don't recall there being very many sad parts of Becker, so this was a bit of a change.