Season 3 Episode 23

Sue You

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 07, 2001 on CBS

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  • John tries to cope with the threat of a lawsuit.

    The show starts with a quick look at what happened in the previous episode.

    John comes running into Vinny's room and yells at him for suing him. It seems Vinny's roommate is a lawyer, who suggested that Vinny sue John.

    At the diner, John is complaining to Reggie, Jake, and Bob about Vinny and his lawyer. John's not enjoying his omelet either. John leaves after saying how he's getting a lawyer to fight back.

    Margaret comes into the office, wearing something her husband knitted, and it's really ratty-looking. John comes in and asks about what's going on. It seems John's lawyer is in his office, so he goes in to see her. Vinny wants $3 million dollars, and John's lawyer wants to settle. John refuses because he knows he's right and isn't interested in settling. They decide to meet up later and talk at Reggie's diner.

    At the diner, Reggie, Bob, and Jake are talking about the lawsuit against John, and about the worst ways to die. John and his lawyer come in to talk about the lawsuit. Bob finds her very attractive, so he tries to hit on her, but she's not interested. His lawyer tries to scare him into settling, knowing that if he's convicted of malpractice, he could lose everything, but John's not backing down.

    At the office, Margaret brings up the "swest" Lewis made for her. She seems humiliated by all of the laughter and decides to give Linda one, Lewis made for her. Linda says she can't accept it, but she doesn't have much of a choice. In the other room, John is working with a patient of his, who seems to be getting better. She can't help but ask John about Vinny and the lawsuit. She's worried about having to find another doctor is he has to close his office. After talking to her and seeing other people, John realizes a little more just how important he is to the local community. John asks Margaret to to call his lawyer.

    Back at the diner, they're still talking about the worst way to die. John comes in and asks for coffee. He also says he'll be settling the case, which shocks everyone. John decides to leave and go back to work, but Reggie wants him to take her out for lunch, as there has to be some perk for knowing him. He decides to take her out for lunch. Bob all of a sudden realizes that since John will be settling, his attractive lawyer won't be coming around, which obviously disappoints Bob.

    John and Reggie are out in the city, eating hotdogs. Reggie complains about how cheap John is. When John sees two kids playing, he goes nuts when he sees one of them admit to being tagged when he wasn't really. This reminds John of what he's doing by settling, so goes back to Vinny's hospital room and tells him he's not settling.

    This was a decent episode, but not at all one of my favorites.