Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2000 on CBS

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  • Becker gets Bob as a new superintendent. The diner is crowded with construction workers. Linda thinks she's found the perfect man.

    This episode is super Linda heavy. That works for me; she's my favorite character on the show. Bob is staying with her, and when Becker's building superintendent dies, she got Bob the job by writing his resume, delivering it, and "acting as a reference, and refusing to leave until Bob was hired."

    Also, Becker's office starts to recieve the next-door neighbor's mail. The offerings impress Linda - the French wine and ski boots and she decides Chris is her dream man. Sadly, this is not to be...

    Becker hears his super dying - pounding on the wall, but thinks it's his annoying neighbor. Naturally, his entire building blames him...
  • Bob as John's super?

    John is awaken by the sound of water dripping in his sink. He calls his super, but gets an answering machine. He yells at him for two minutes, and hangs up. Then his lights flicker and finally go off. John calls him up again and says to "fix my damn lights too".

    John can't help but tell everyone at the diner about how bad things are at his appartment. John says he's only paying $450 a month for rent because someone died in his appartment just before he moved in.

    A construction worker walks into the diner and asks if he can use the restroom. Reggie says yes and points him to where it is. After he comes out, he tells Reggie that he liked the place and he'd tell the guys all about the place. Reggie is excited because she figures this will bring in more business.

    Linda has decided to kick Bob out of her appartment, and said he has to go get a job. He's not having much luck with that.

    At the office, a delivery driver stops by to deliver a package for someone who just bought the nearby building, but hasn't moved in yet, so he asks that Margaret sign for the package. She does so, and Linda takes notice of the package. It's a box of imported French wine. She starts to think about how this guy is rich and sophisticated, and wants to get with him.

    The next morning, at the diner, it's full of construction people. Unfortunately, they're just there for the restroom. They don't need food, since they bring their own. This frustrates Reggie of course.

    At John's place, he's still having problems. Someone next door starts hitting the wall. John thinks it's his neighbor trying to get him to turn down the volume on his TV. John decides to turn his TV up as the pounding on the wall continues.

    In the morning, John's super is found dead. That pounding on the wall was the super trying to get someone's attention to help him. He apparently had a heart attack, and everyone blames John for not doing something.

    Linda gets Bob the job as John's super which infuriates John. He just won't have any of it, but his neighbors want to give him a shot.

    After several more packages arrive to the office for the neighbor, the neighbor finally stops by, and it's a woman. Linda is really disappointed that she was a woman. This scene was good for a little chuckle.

    Having had enough of the construction workers, Reggie demands that they all leave. No one is buying anything, so why bother having them there.

    This was an average episode. The subplots were good, and I'm looking forward to the Bob as super plots in the future.
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