Season 1 Episode 2

Take These Pills and Shove 'Em

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1998 on CBS



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    • Becker: I don't have time to be tactful Margaret! Am I wrong here? A guy is crossing the street, a bus is about to hit him, I yell at him "dude watch out!"
      Margaret: You keep yelling at me like that, I'm gonna shove you in front of that bus, climbed inside, get behind the wheel and then back up over you again!

    • Becker (speaking into the phone): I don't want to press one for english and two to leave a message, and I damn sure don't want to hold while being treated to Kenny G playing 'Stairway to Heaven'. This is a twenty-four hour customer service line and I'm an irate customer, and I demand to yell at least once to a real person.

    • Becker (to Mr. Marino): Right now you're being stupid, do you want to be stupid and dead?

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