Season 4 Episode 18

Talking Points

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2002 on CBS

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  • John tries to help a voiceless patient.

    At the diner, Jake's eating, when a woman comes in and asks if she can hang up some fliers about global warming. Bob finds the woman very attractive. John comes in and chews out the woman, because he's not interested in hearing about the environment.

    In the office, Linda complains to Margaret about not being able to find her bracelet, but Margaret thinks it'll turn up eventually. A woman and her father come in to see the doctor, and the man cannot speak because he has ALS. In John's office, John's speaking with his patient. John promises to see if he can get a machine to help him speak to people.

    John comes into the office, on the cell phone. He's still on hold with the insurance company. He's trying to get his patient the talking computer thing. Bob comes in, wearing a shirt and tie. Connie, the woman from earlier, comes in and says thanks for agreeing to help hand out fliers.

    At the office, John's working with a talking computer device. Linda comes in and asks if he paid for it by pawning her bracelet. John's patient comes in, and John hands him the little computer, and he shows him how it works.

    A bit later, John is escorting his patient out, and he notices Margaret has his gold pen. As his patient, Joe, is leaving, he uses the talking computer to ask a woman to move, but the words he uses are very rude.

    At the diner, Bob comes in wearing a jogging outfit, made of a cotton weave. He proceeds to order food, which sounds very unappealing. When Reggie brings out cheeseburgers for Jake and John, Bob tries to gross them out, by telling them stories Connie told him.

    At the office, Margaret tells Linda that she found her bracelet, but Linda's still suspicious that she took it in the first place. Joe's daughter comes in and complains to John about the the device he got him. He's annoying everyone at home, even the dog. In the other room, Linda confronts Margaret about her taking the bracelet, but it seems Linda's bracelet slides off of her wrist rather easily.

    At the diner, Bob comes in and asks if Connie has been in there. Connie comes in and Bob asks her out, but she turns him down. To get over it, Bob decides to have a big, bacon cheeseburger.

    John catches up with Joe at the bar, and he's using that little machine to upset the bartender. John is able to get Joe to realize what he's doing is wrong, and he shouldn't be pushing everyone away.

    The plot for this episode was pretty good, and the writing was funny.