Season 1 Episode 4

Tell Me Lies

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 1998 on CBS

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  • Regiies pulls two over on Becker and Jake.

    Linda, The Daughter of Darkness, is looking for a bright red lipstick color and tries to take a blood sample to make a match. The sound of Velco becomes a whole new meaning for a patient, who is an un-wed mother. Spit becomes spat. Linda's hair is the shortest for any episode. Margaret receives a duck in a cage. Becker reminds Margaret about the barn yard office policy. Mr. Smaline asks if they are going to play chess or should he go screw himself. Mr Smaline gives Linda some advise "they invented brassiers for a reason". Don't wet yourself watching this one.
  • A good inside look as to how things are paid for at the office.

    Reggie receives a letter in the mail one day, and John (Becker) and Jake can't help but try to find out what she's upset about. She doesn't want to tell them, because it's really none of their business. After prying, she tells them that her boyfriend, from Florida has moved on and is marrying someone else. She actually told them that he played for the Marlins in 1991, and of course John and Jake try to figure out which player it was, but to no avail.

    At the doctor's office, John has too many patients to deal with, and they're nearly out of office supplies because they don't have money to pay for them. Margaret is doing her best, but is having a difficult time to handle the situation. When a patient receives medical attention from John, the patient sometimes pay with services, such as plumbing work or electrical work. So in order to get things done, Margaret has to promise services and even a duck to someone.

    While at the office, John learns from a patient that the Florida Marlins weren't actually a team in 1991. So, he knows Reggie lied to he and Jake.

    They both decide to confront Reggie about the lie. Reggie then says that the letter was actually a letter from a lawyer. The lawyer says that Reggie's best friend was an investment manager, and Reggie have her all of her savings, and she took it, and now there's nothing she can do about it.

    Later on in the show, Jake says that he heard her on the phone planning a vacation with her best friend, so he knows that she's lying... again. Jake tells John this, and they confront her... again. She then decides to come clean. The letter was from the bank. It said her checking account was overdrawn.