Season 5 Episode 17

Thank You for Not Smoking

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2003 on CBS

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  • Chris turns the restaurant into a smoke-free business, which obviously upsets John.

    John walks into the diner and complains about the handicapped parking spaces being taken up at the gym. He lights up a cigarette and it angers a customer, so she leaves. Jake comes in and announces he's going on a diet. It seems the pants he's wearing are really tight. Bob checks the size and sees it's a 32, but Jake's a 34. Also, they're lime-green in color, which isn't something Jake would get. This makes Jake think that Amanda is sleeping with another man. When Chris tries her coffee, she spits up. It seems John put out his cigarette in her coffee cup, so she announces the restaurant is now smoke-free, angering John.

    The next morning, John comes into the office and complains to Margaret about how he's not had his morning cigarette. Margaret tells John he's got a patient waiting for him. In the other room, Linda preps Holli to ask John questions about her dog. It becomes a bit confusing, and finally, Linda brings a dog in so John can treat him. John decides to take a look at the dog and run a few tests.

    At the diner, Chris is cleaning up, and John lights up a cigarette, so Chris scolds him for it. Bob comes in and reaffirms Chris's wishes for a smoke-free restaurant. Chris insists John's got an addiction, but John refuses to accept that. John leaves, as Jake comes in. He tells the guys he's concerned about he and Amanda. Chris and Bob offer some advice, and when Amanda comes in, Jake calls her a "lying whore". She tells Jake that the pants were an error because of the dry cleaners, and she was going to take them back. Jake's embarrassed by the whole thing, but Amanda's furious about him not having any trust.

    Back at the office, John's talking to Holli's dog about addiction. John lights up a cigarette and smokes it for a few seconds before Margaret comes in to see him, so John quickly sucks the entire cigarette into his mouth to hide it.

    Still at the office, John walks out a woman who overdid her tanning session. John goes back into his office, and notices Holli's dog is in his chair. Linda comes in and after some discussion and John realizes that the dog's depressed because Holli lost her job and doesn't bring home anymore food scraps.

    Back at the diner, Amanda comes in to see Jake, but it doesn't go well at all. Amanda wants him to buy more jewelry, but Jake thinks that's all he is to her now. They both run out of the diner, and Chris thinks they'll make up and have sex.

    At the office, John tries to leave early, but Margaret says otherwise. It his cigarette addiction is becoming a problem, and he really wants to leave.

    Later that night, John gets home with Chinese for dinner and a cigarette for dessert. He decides to start with the cigarette, so he walks out to the fire escape to smoke it, but he drops it, and tries to give chase, to no avail.

    The next morning, John comes into the diner to have a cigarette, but he decides not to after all. Chris comes out from the kitchen to pour some coffee, and notices John's not smoking. She offers him a piece of gum, but John asks for all of the gum she has, so he can deal with his addiction.

    I liked the main plot as well as the subplots with the dog and Jake's relationship problems with Amanda.