Season 5 Episode 6

The 100th

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2002 on CBS

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  • Linda wins a contest, while John sets Chris up on a date.

    John walks into the diner and sees Chris, Jake, and Bob. John's back from a medical convention, and he had a great time since he met a new friend. The guys tease John when they find that the friend John met was a guy. They joke about John being gay, but John says he's just a friend, someone he shares medical experience with, so they can talk about things he can't with others.

    At the office, John walks a patient of his out. It seems her husband doesn't have much longer to live. Linda's on the phone, attempting to win a radio contest. Linda makes a guess about the answer, but she doesn't realize Margaret was saying the answer, and she ends up winning.

    Bob walks into the diner to speak to Jake. Bob's made Jake his emergency contact. John comes in and meets up with Tony, John's new friend. It seems Tony and Chris have been chatting for a while, and they're having a great time. When Chris goes back, Tony tells John that he'd like to ask Chris out, so John tells him she's gay and Tony leaves. When Chris comes out of the back, she asks John where Chris left. John tells her he left, and she asks about what kind of guy he is, so John tells her Tony is gay.

    One of Linda's friends comes in and asks her about the answer she gave on the radio. She's really impressed by Linda's intelligence to get that question answered for the contest. Tony then comes in to speak to John. Tony reveals his secretary is gay, in addition to Chris. They decide to leave for lunch.

    John comes into the diner, and Chris tells him that Tony has set up her with Tony's secretary, since Chris is new in town. Realizing what's going on, John tries to get Chris to cancel it, but she refuses.

    Linda comes into the office with the money she won in the contest. Finally, Margaret tells her about how she was the one who knew the answer. Linda thinks she's being ridiculous, so she asks John about it, and he reaffirms what Margaret told her. Linda announces to everyone in the office that she's an idiot, and then hands Margaret the $100 she won. Linda then guilt-trips Margaret into giving the money back. Margaret walks in to see John in his office. He tells her all about what he did with Tony and Chris, and Margaret tells him to fix it.

    At the diner, Bob brings in a shirt with Jake's face on it, and a shirt for Jake, with Bob's face on it. They end up getting into a fight. John comes in and asks where Chris is, so he leaves when Jake and Bob tell him she's already left for her little "date".

    John stops by the restaurant where Chris and Sandy are having drinks. When Chris leaves the room, John lies to Sandy about Chris being in a relationship already. Sandy leaves, so when Chris comes back, she's curious about where Sandy went. Chris ends up finding out what happened, and yells at John for him setting everything up.

    This episode got pretty silly pretty quickly. The subplot was VERY silly with Bob and Jake trying to take their relationship to the next step.