Season 2 Episode 19

The Bearer of Bad Tidings

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2000 on CBS

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  • Pretty bad.

    The whole plotline with the two Lindas was plain annoying! It got old quickly and every scene with them was very redundant. Someone says "Linda" and they both answer or someone says "Linda" and neither answers. And that was about it.

    The thing with Margaret being jealous of the other receptionist was also boring. Margaret's not the type of person to care what other people think. She got way too sensitive about the whole thing. And Becker saying he wants her respect was just dumb and very uncharacteristic.

    The plotline with Becker trying to reach the family could have been good, but they messed that up too. Telling the family over the answering machine was ridiculously predictable. The part about him getting the wrong house was good, up until the cheesy "I see dead people" line.

    The Reggie and Jake plotline was decent, but there have been better.

    All in all a pretty below average episode.
  • A fairly mediocre episode.

    Tonight's episode was primarily about John taking over for a doctor who was on vacation. A patient of his has passed away and he needs to notify the family. He calls the family, but gets an answering machine. He leaves his number and asks that they call back.

    Linda has been up all night because her friend Lynda was dumped by her boyfriend because she apparently slept with his bandmembers. Lynda kind of mopes around the office crying for the entire day.

    Reggie and Jake seem to be in a bad mood at the diner, they just don't seem to be getting along. John suggests that they get a life, and maybe they could share one. By the end of the episode, Reggie and Jake decide to go next door to a bar, get hammered, and complain about their lives tomorrow.

    Linda and Lynda go into John's office to talk some more about the relationship problems. John soon walks in to call the family again. He yells at the two women to leave so he can tell the family that their father/grandfather has passed away. Of course, the answering machine was on as he was yelling. It was very predictable, but it was still very funny.

    John decides that he must be able to get another phone number (work #, cell #, etc) or an address. He's able to get an address and goes out to meet the family. He expresses his condolences to a woman who is in her late 30s-40s. She tells her son, who is having a birthday party that his grandfather had died. This obviously acts as a big downer for the party. Ten seconds later, his grandfather walks through the door with presents. The little kid says "I see dead people", from a scene from "Sixth Sense". John had mixed two of the numbers in the address up, so he was off by a few houses.

    This certainly wasn't my favorite episode of Becker - it was a bit mediocre.
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