Season 4 Episode 9

The Buddy System

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2001 on CBS

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  • The Freak Buddy!

    Becker's fu*k buddy for a few months just dropped the mother load of a bomb on him....she wants to end their little agreement because she met someone and she is interested in the guy for a long term relationship.

    With the imminent threat of losing his buddy around the corner Becker wonders if he is also throwing his life away by not really having someone in it.

    Bob, finds a Super Bowl ring, which he planned to sell, but upon learning who the ring belonged too, he gave it back and called the guy a loser.

    Overall, great episode.
  • John is upset when a no-strings relationship goes south.

    John comes into the diner for a cigarette, but on the way out, is reminded by Jake of something John forgot. It seems John lost a bet and owes him Jake dinner, but John says he's sick, and will have to do it on Thursday. Since Jake doesn't have any dinner plans tonight, Bob volunteers himself to go out with him. John says that since he's sick, he's going to go home and jump right into bed. We then see John and a woman in bed at his apartment.

    At the apartment, John is eating Chinese with Laura. They're chatting about her day, which was a bit stressful. John comments on how great of a time he's had over the past few months. Laura then gets up and says how she has to leave. They try and schedule some time for next time, but she can't until next Tuesday.

    John comes into the diner and runs into Jake, who seems to think John's all better. Bob runs in and comments about how he found a N.Y. Giants Super Bowl ring in the back seat. Reggie tries to get him to track down the owner, but Bob wants to try and sell it.

    At the office, Linda is on the phone with her mom, who tells her that there's a problem with their marriage. John walks out a patient, who seems to be bothering John. Margaret tells Linda how bad she feels for Linda's parents. John leaves the room to see another patient.

    Bob comes into the diner and tries to sell it to Jake, but he's not interested. He then goes over to Reggie, but she won't buy it either. It turns out the ring is a fake.

    At his apartment, John opens the door and it's Laura. It's a bit of a surprise to him, since she wasn't supposed to come next week. She says she has to talk to him. Laura reveals that she's met another guy, so she won't be coming around anymore.

    At the office, Linda's on the phone with her mom again. Her mother's thinking about divorce again. John comes in and is a little defensive about "having Mings", as it has something to do with Laura.

    At the diner, a cab driver comes in, looking for the ring Bob has. Reggie realizes that she recognizes the cab driver. He's the guy who lost the ring. After selling the ring to Bob for $100, Bob gives the money back to him.

    Laura comes over to John's. She seems to have lost a bracelet on the couch. John thinks it's all a ploy to have sex again, but when she finds the bracelet, he feels awkward. They end up having a discussion about their time together, but she tells him that she found more, elsewhere.

    At the office, John says how he can't find a patient's file. Margaret tells Linda to deal with her parents, who called again, and bothered Margaret this time. John ends up answering the phone when Linda's father calls, and reveals Linda's mother cheated on him.

    I really liked this episode. The plot was good, and it had a great flow to the whole thing.
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