Season 4 Episode 12

The Ex-Files

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2002 on CBS

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  • Nothing really happened.

    Reggie dates an old college friend of Becker, but because of her obsessiveness with his ex-wife....(who she was, what she does and why he left her) makes him lose interest in her and steers him back to his ex.

    Becker, looked goofy and hang with the geeks in surpeise there.

    Overall, nothing really happened in this episode....not on of my favorites.
  • Reggie is interested in John's friend, but John doesn't want to hook the two of them up.

    At the diner, John is sitting down with a man, while Reggie talks to Bob and Jake, and she's curious who the guy is. Jake and Bob leave to go to the post office, when Reggie comes over and sits down when John's friend walks away to make a phone call. Reggie asks John to set her and his friend, Dan, up on a date. When Dan comes back over, he says he's got Rangers tickets so Reggie says she loves hockey, so he agrees to take Reggie to the game.

    Linda comes into the office, and Margaret's glad to see her. It seems they're busy, but Margaret tells her to wear more clothing, since the shirt she's wearing is entirely see-through. Mrs. Recinos comes in and asks when he appointment is. Reggie comes in and says she's going to go see John. In his office, Reggie asks if Dan called to tell them how good of a time they had last night, but John still doesn't want the two of them going out.

    At Dan's place, he and Reggie are talking about things. It seems most of his stuff is still in boxes, and Reggie's really interested in looking at the photos, to see what his ex-wife is really like. When Dan leaves the room, she looks through a few boxes, but stops when Dan comes in with some wine. Dan's interested in making out, but she's interested in Dan's photo albums.

    At the diner, Reggie's tired since she was up all last night thinking about what Dan's ex was like. Bob comes in with a photo album with photos of John, who was in a music group in Harvard. Bob also has information about Dan's ex, who seems to have been a great catch.

    Reggie comes in to talk to John, who is in his office. She can't believe John didn't tell her about Dan's ex.

    The next day, Margaret and Linda are mumbling a song John used to sing back in Harvard, so John has to ask them about it, but they tell him it's a different song. Mrs. Recinos comes in to talk about her sister, and re-schedules an appointment.

    At the diner, Bob and Jake are trying to bring up the title of the song John used to sing, while he's sitting between them. John can't figure out what they're doing, but he's getting annoyed by it.

    At Dan's, Reggie comes by to talk to him. It seems Dan's been busy putting his things away. Reggie comes right out and asks Dan why he's with her, and not Pam, his ex.

    At the office, Linda is playing John's song on the piano, and Margaret comes in, mumbling the song, and it's all annoying John. Mrs. Recinos comes in, all set for her appointment. It seems she's on-time this time. Mrs. Recinos mumbles John's song as well, so John confronts her about it.

    John comes into the diner, to find Jake and Bob sitting there, and they're still messing with John. Reggie asks John to see if Dan's called him. John says they have to sit down and talk, so they walk over to a booth and sit down. John tells her that Dan sent him there to break up with her. It seems Reggie's praising of Pam made him fall in love with her again. Finally, Bob and Jake bring out the yearbook, and start singing John's song.

    This plot wasn't very interesting, and got a little silly by the time the show ended. The subplot, surrounding John's singing in Harvard was pretty funny.