Season 3 Episode 1

The Film Critic

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2000 on CBS

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  • Becker wants to see a movie but is foiled at every turn. First people are loud in the theatre, then Linda tells him the surprise ending, then Margaret goes with him and talks, and Jake asks a bunch of questions. Jake promises to sign Reggie up for class.

    This is classic comedy, in that it was mostly about minutiae of daily life. There is all this physical comedy where Jake's date leaves him without his cane in the middle of a busy street. I was less than impressed. And why when Margaret goes is everyone else magically quiet and she's the loud one. Also, why is a verbal assault on a stranger (the guy sitting behind them) not rude, but her crying is? How gross to perpetuate that kind of attitude. It's kinda a dour show. This one really highlights it in the subplot with Reggie and Jake. He volunteers to sign her up for class, but comes back saying he couldn't get it. Turns out, he found a lovely young woman and gave Reggie's class to her. Um, if he's blind, why does his love interest need to be so hot? Anyway, when Reggie finds out she gets him back quite well. But it's kinda sad that this is their friendship.
  • There's a reason the seats face the screen and not one-another!

    John has decided that he wants to watch a new movie, but he finds that watching the whole thing is a challenge. He is unable to watch more than a few minutes before cell phones go off, and people are talking to one another. John leaves is disgust.

    Reggie wants to get into an Art History class at the local college, but it's going to take some time to get through the line. Bob comes up with the idea of sending Jake to sign her up, because people with disabilities go to the front of the line, according to the college literature.

    Margaret has been having problems with her husband in recent weeks. He'd rather spend time with his friends than with her.

    John decides to give the movie another go, but it doesn't go any better. In fact, people start throwing popcorn at everyone in one massive food fight.

    Several hours after leaving, Jake comes back to the diner, only to tell Reggie that he didn't sign her up for the class, so she leaves to sign up for the Art History, but by the time she gets there, the class is full and has to sign up for something else.

    Margaret's marital problems are becoming more of a distraction. Linda and John tell her that they're there if she would like to talk about it, but she doesn't want to discuss it with anyone.

    A woman comes into Reggie's diner asking for Jake, but he's not there. Apparently, she met Jake at the college class-signup. Jake used his disability to get her the last spot in the Art History class. This infuriates Reggie of course, because she wanted that class. She tells the woman that Jake isn't actually blind and uses it as a con with woman, until he has sex with them. Reggie suggests that she dump Jake after a very expensive dinner.

    At the office, John deals with a patient who fell and hurt his back. He was unable to remove his own shirt. This scene was short, but funny.

    After a $200 dinner, Jake and his date start talking, and she confronts Jake about his being blind. She takes off his sunglasses and takes away his cane, then throws them several feet from him. She leaves him fending for himself in the middle of the road while cars are going around him. This was hilarious.

    John decides to give the movie thing another go, and Margaret asks if she can come along with him. They go, and Margaret ends up wanting to talk to John at the movies about her marital problems. Everyone in the theatre get upset with the two of them, even more so after she starts to cry. I saw this whole scene coming, so it wasn't as funny to me.

    Outside of the theatre, John finds Jake wandering around, and they end up going to the movies. Since Jake is blind, John has to explain each scene to him, and John decides to leave.

    I enjoyed the episode. The whole movie-viewing plot was good. I think a lot of people have stopped going to the theatre for this reason among others.
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