Season 4 Episode 10

The Ghost of Christmas Presents

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2001 on CBS

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  • Christmas with the gang

    Reggie gives everyone a card from an under-priviledge child so that they could purchase gifts and help spread the holiday cheer.

    I've never seen an episode with Bob's Mom before so it was very interesting to see them interact...and it sort of explains why Bob is so crazy.

    Overall, a nice touching episode.
  • We get to see a little more about the relationship between Bob and his mother.

    John comes in to the restaurant to share some Christmas cheer. Jake's not as cheery about Christmas as Linda. Reggie suggests helping kids, instead of worrying about how bad their Christmas is. Everyone reluctantly accepts a Dear Santa letter from the kids. They plan on helping the kids. Most of them ask for things like CD players, robots, etc.

    When John gets to work, he has a lot of patients. Linda received a phone call from her father. John is asked about the kid, from Margaret, and he's not bought him a present yet.

    John goes in to see a patient. His boss has gas problems, and he can't stand it. John won't give him something to slip in his boss' eggnog. I can't imagine how many people try this sort of thing.

    Back at the diner, people gather and talk about buying gifts. Instead of John buying the kid a CD player, Margaret does it for him; all he needs to do is address it and send it off.

    John tells Linda and Margaret that they can take the rest of the day off. He asks Linda if she's mail the present for him, but the post office is closed. He's forced to deliver the package to the kid himself. He's in the Bronx, and the kid lives in Queens, and John isn't happy about the commute. He's only further aggravated when he gets stuck in traffic. When John is stuck in traffic, he helps a guy out who needs a ride.

    Bob goes and visits his mother for Christmas. She's surprised to see him. She got him a remote controlled police car, which "fell off the back of the truck". He got her some perfume.

    The guy John picked up is driving him nuts. He's really into the holiday and John isn't. John leaves the car to see what's holding up traffic.

    Back at the nursing home, Bob asks his mother to dance. She reveals to him that she's got a date with the guy across the hall. Behind her, a bed is being rolled down the hallway; it looks like her date has died.

    When John gets back to the car, the guy he picked up is gone, and so is his present for the kid. John's really upset because of that, and the fact that he just got the finger from a woman next to him.

    Back at the diner, Bob, Reggie, John, and Jake are talking with one another about how bad their Christmas' were. John explains to everyone about what happened in the car, but he thinks maybe he witnessed a miracle, because in the morning, the boy's mother sent him a letter thanking him for the gift, but there was no address on the package or return address. Margaret then tells John that she mailed the gift for him, and that the gift he was going to deliver was a gift from Margaret to John.

    The way Bob's mother treated him was a little sad, but they made it look hilarous. This was a well written episode, it was typical Becker.