Season 5 Episode 5

The Grand Gesture

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2002 on CBS

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  • John makes a move to get Chris.

    At the diner, Jake refuses to play a game with Bob. A man walks up and complains about the service, so Bob and Jake tell him about Reggie leaving, so he leaves. Jake and John wonder about why they're still there, since the diner's been closed. John walks in when he sees Chris isn't there. He tells Jake and Bob about his little plan to get Chris to go out with him. Chris comes in, so Jake leaves, and John asks Bob to leave, so he does. Chris walks over to the counter, and John's trying to get him to notice the French film he rented, but it takes a while for her to take notice of it. John invites her to his place to watch it, since she's wanted to see it. She agrees to watch it if she's not busy.

    John walks into the office with a bag of things in his hand. He tells Margaret about his plan to get Chris to go out with him. Margaret thinks John's really getting crazy with this. In the other room, Linda is trying to take a patient's blood pressure, and Linda notices the shoes she's wearing. The woman refuses to say where she got them when Linda asks her about it.

    John tries to get into his apartment building, but because he's got his arms full of bags, can't open the door. A kid is sitting next to the door, but he's busy playing a game. John sets one of the bags on the ground to free a hand to open the door. He runs into Chris, who's dressed up for a date. John confronts her about it, but she knows that the movie thing with him wasn't supposed to be a date. This of course leaves John upset, since he ordered three large bags of Chinese take-out.

    Linda walks into work late, and she had a terrible time shopping. It seems the patient lied to her about where she bought the shoes. Linda asks another patient about where she got her necklace, but she doesn't remember, just like the other patient. John comes in, and Margaret asks him about how the night went, and John tells her it was terrible, and he's done with trying to get Chris to go out with him. Margaret suggests a grand gesture to get Chris; use poetry, chocolates, or something else.

    Bob walks into the office and tells Jake about dealing with a ring in a toilet. Jake tells him he's got the last cup of coffee, there's nothing else there to eat or drink, and is curious about getting someone to take over the place. John comes in and Jake and Bob seem to know about everything that happened last night with he and Chris. John asks the guys about doing a grand gesture, but they think it's a lame thing.

    John walks into the place Chris works, and offers her flowers and chocolates, and bothers her, since she's trying to do her job. She flips out, and runs him out of the store, and then goes back to work.

    Bob walks into the diner and tells Jake a lie about a baby bird he found in the apartment building. John walks in and complains about how Chris treated him when he went to see him. Chris then comes out of the kitchen and announces she's taken over the diner after being fired, thanks to John's earlier visit.

    This episode, along with the previous one, was pretty average. I thought the plot was a bit boring. It seems that the idea of Chris taking over the diner is a logical, and expected move in the show.
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