Season 2 Episode 13

The Hypocratic Oath

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2000 on CBS

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  • Becker's behavior is compared to lab rats ...

    This episode compares Becker to a lab rat that has his environment disturbed. Reggie is studying with a younger student for her psychology class. However, it seems that Reggie’s attraction to the younger student was just to prove that Becker was wrong. Margaret is mentioned in one of her patient’s will and at the reading, she learns a secret about the patient and her twin sister’s husband. When Linda made a typo on ordering office supplies, Becker’s cabinet turns into a giant maze. The filming is done in such a way as to compare Becker and the lab rats, and their behavior.
  • The order mix up was a dumb premise, in my opinion. It was more funny watching Reggie and the college student. Poor Becker.

    The "B" story of Reggie and the kid college student was hilarious. Some of the camera angles in this episode were interesting, but I wasn't that impressed with Linda's foulup. The delivery driver in the bathroom was pretty funny. I wish Linda has a last name. The fire alarm sidebar was pretty amusing, but I like physical comedy (as evidenced by my appreciation of Frasier). Margaret being named in the will and the very long video will was amusing - it's interesting how the writers interjects intimate situations into episodes without being blatantly perverted. Overall, an adequate, but not great, episode.
  • Started out weak, but got better by the end.

    Linda\'s carelessness and forgetfulness certainly went to the next level in this episode. First, she continually forgets to call the locksmith and gets angry anyone tries to ask her to do it. Yet, she still gets distracted by lava lamps when trying to look it up in the phone book. And then accidentally ordering thousands of supplies, because her doodles looked like extra zeros was very typical of her character. Watching everyone maneuver around the boxes like the rats in the maze was a nice parallel to the psychology plotline. Jake pulling the fire alarm accidentally was really funny too, especially with the line \"I hate when I do that.\" Reggie trying to seduce her psych partner to prove John wrong was just over-the-top. The plotline with Margaret and the will started out boring but picked up, like the video. Finally, the episode ending with Becker\'s \"Ok, here\'s thing thing...\" was priceless.
  • John and Linda are trapped like rats in the office when an order mishap takes place.

    John comes in and finds Reggie waiting for Brad, who is going to help her out with her psychology classes. Jake then comes in and asks John if he can give him a physical later that day.

    At the office, Margaret is leaving, so she tells Linda what's going on for the rest of the day, but she's annoying Linda. The reason Margaret has to leave is because someone died, and she was in the person's will. John goes in to see a homeless man, who wonders if he has hypo sensitivity, but John smashes him in the leg, which causes pain that he feels. John comes into the lobby and asks Linda to call the lock smith.

    Margaret goes to see a lawyer about the will. Margaret meets the woman's sister, and watches the video in which the woman who died talk about her life, and will, but it's going slowly.

    At the diner, John comes in to see Reggie and Brad sitting down, with rats in a maze on one of the tables. It turns out that Brad hasn't hit on Reggie like John figured he would.

    John walks into the office to see hundreds of boxes in the lobby. It turns out that she made a mistake on the faxes, causing hundreds of thousands of extra syringes and tongue depressors. Also, the deliveryman is stuck in the bathroom, with the door still locked.

    Back at the diner, Reggie trying to get Brad to compliment her on her looks, but he's not taking the bait.

    Back at the office, a mother comes in with her son, who has a cut on his cheek, but John and Linda don't know where the correct medical supplies are, since there are so many boxes.

    Margaret is still watching the video, but the woman in the video is talking about every little aspect of her life. The woman's sister is being in a pain in the butt, she's very annoying.

    At the diner, Brad and Reggie are still talking about the rats. Reggie still throwing hints at Brad, but he's still not taking the bait, which is frustrating the heck out of her.

    At the office, it's absolute chaos still. With all of the boxes there, it looks just like the rat maze at the diner. The lock smith stops by, but ends up injuring himself. John yells for Margaret.

    At the lawyer's office, Margaret is still watching the video.

    At the office, Reggie comes right out and asks Brad if he's gay and why he's not asked her out. When he asks her out, she says no. It was all about proving John wrong.

    Back at the office, there's further chaos. People are getting into a fight, which causes Jake, who just came in, to run into the fire alarm on the wall, setting it off.

    At the office, the fire department comes in and leave when they see no fire. When Margaret comes in, she can't believe her eyes when she sees all of the boxes.

    Reggie's obsession with proving John wrong was very predictable, and those scenes were a little annoying, however, the quick shots between showing the rat maze and the office was hilarious. The pure chaos at the office made for some funny moments. The subplot with Margaret and the will was of absolutely no interest to me.
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