Season 5 Episode 16

The Job

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2003 on CBS

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  • John applies for another job without telling anyone.

    John walks into his office, and the place is packed with patients, so he complains about it to Margaret. John gets upset when a patient uses his Harvard coffee cup for his urine sample. John goes into his office and finds there is a water leak, and a portion of his ceiling collapses on his desk. When he sits down, the chair leans to the left. He decides to call Johns Hopkins Hospital and tell them he's interested in a job there. Linda listens in on part of the conversation, but comes away thinking John's sick.

    John walks into the diner for coffee, and comments on how everything at the diner seems to happen the same way, day in and day out, like a routine. He leaves after Linda comes in and mentions listening to his conversation on the phone.

    At the office, Linda tells Margaret all about money she spent on clothing, and Margaret gets concerned Linda's going to be deep in debt. She suggests to Linda that she have her bank freeze her credit cards. John goes in to see a patient who has an odd eye twitch, and asks the man to bring in his medication so he can look through it all. John walks the man out and Margaret gives John a package which came in from Johns Hopkins. John then tells Margaret he's leaving early on Friday, so he can go to Baltimore, which is where Johns Hopkins is located.

    Back at the diner, Chris, Jake, Bob, and Margaret chit-chat about why John is going to Johns Hopkins this Friday.

    At the office, Linda tells Margaret she froze her credit cards. It turns out she literally froze her cards, and she shows Margaret the block of ice with the credit cards in it, which makes Margaret chuckle. John walks in and mentions he's expecting a call from Johns Hopkins. Linda and Margaret wonder about John again. In the other room, John meets with his patient about all of the medication and the eye twitch. John tells him he's going to take them home and look through them all. Linda comes in and sees John sticking bottles of medication in his pocket, and she thinks he's on drugs. Linda tells him Johns Hopkins is on the line for him. John finds out he's been given the job.

    At his apartment, John's going through the medication he had his patient bring in, when Bob walks in to get a wrench he left behind. He sees John with all of the drugs in front of him and calls Jake and tells him about it. This starts a chain reaction, which ends up also including Linda, John (oddly enough), Margaret, and Chris. The reason John was included was because Linda called the wrong number.

    At the office, Linda's melting her ice block with credit cards. She's concerned about needing a new job, since she thinks John's high on drugs, and suggests Margaret think about doing the same. In the other room, John helps his patient with his drugs, and prescribes him a smaller dose of just one medication. Margaret and Linda finally come in and confront John about being a drug addict. Margaret's angry John applied for the job without telling her. John pours out his feelings about how terrible things have been. He admits the reason he applied for the job again was because he wanted to see if he really could still get in.

    This was a very good episode, and it allowed John to voice some of his frustrations to Margaret about the way things have been going. The whole thing with Linda freezing her credit cards was a good laugh.