Season 3 Episode 18

The More You Know

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2001 on CBS

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  • Funny

    John finds out that both Linda and Reggie are seeing the same man and he doesn't know how to tell like the classic John Becker he blurts it out in rage, much to the dismay of the women.

    Becker later finds out that Craig is also married, and so he is cheating on his wife.

    But the real comedy of the episode was Bob: he is searching the neighbourhood looking for the hooker that lives in the building, when Anita is sitting right in front of him

    Overall, great episdoe.
  • Linda and Reggie don't realize they're dating the same man, which John can't believe they aren't realizing.

    At home, John's on the phone with Margaret when Anita knocks on the door. She needs to use John's bathroom so she can put on her makeup, since Bob hasn't fixed the light in her bathroom. Bob comes into John's apartment without knocking. John asks him when he's going to fix something for him, but Bob's not interested in helping him. Bob brings up a rumor that there's a hooker in the building, and he's trying to find out who it is. He doesn't realize that's what Anita is, which makes it even funnier every time they run into one another.

    At the office, Margaret is following a woman out, who is very angry about something Linda wrote on her chart. Linda gets ready to go out on a date with Craig, who comes by. He seems really nice, much to the surprise of Margaret. John comes in and asks where the angry patient, Mrs. Davis went.

    At the diner, Anita comes in and takes a paper from Jake. Bob comes in and grabs a paper as well. He walks over to the counter, along with Anita. He's still not able to figure out Anita's the hooker. Reggie tells Jake and Bob that they're going to have to leave soon since she's closing up for lunch since she's got a new date. John comes in and hears about Reggie's new date. Craig comes in, and John's surprised that Linda and Reggie are dating the same guy.

    At the office, a man with a big nose comes in, and it leaves for an awkward moment with Linda and Margaret. John comes running in and asks Margaret to tell Reggie and Linda that they're dating the same man, but she wants him to do it.

    At the diner, John comes in and notices Linda and Reggie talking at the counter. Before John comes in and sits down, he talks to Jake to get some advice on what to do with Linda and Reggie, and ends up finding out Jake's cheating on his girlfriends. John walks in and talks to Anita about relationships and cheating, but she's of no help. John walks over to the counter to hear Linda and Reggie chatting about how great their boyfriends are. Everything they say is spot on with one another. John decides to blurt out the obvious, that they're seeing the same guy, which surprises them both.

    Still at the diner, Linda and Reggie are shocked about how great Craig is except for the fact that he's cheating. They end up getting angry with John when he tells them he didn't tell them first.

    John comes into the office and complains to Margaret how it went. Linda comes in and says how she and Craig were able to settle things, and they're still going out. Reggie then comes in and basically says the same thing. John can't believe what's going on, so he tells Margaret what's going on. When a woman in the waiting room overhears what's going on, she reveals that Craig, along with dating Reggie and Linda, is also married.

    Bob comes into the diner, frustrated about not being able to figure out who the hooker is. John comes in and hears Reggie and Linda talking. They're shocked when John tells them that Craig is married and still dating the both of them.

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. I was surprised how oblivious Linda and Reggie were about dating the same guy.
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