Season 5 Episode 14

The Pain in the Neck

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2003 on CBS

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  • With a pain in his neck, John deals with a patient who wants to put his life in the hands of God, not John.

    At the diner, Chris asks Linda about why she has so many watches on, and she and Margaret tries to explain Linda's odd relationship with Kevin. John walks in, and Linda and Margaret leave after John mentions his neck pains. Bob comes in with a newspaper, and it seems he's going to try to get a check from the government since he's 1/64th Cherokee, but Jake and John think it's a bit ridiculous.

    At the office, Linda gets a call from Kevin, and it seems weather is playing havoc with Linda's lies. Margaret tells John about a patient of his, who was supposed to check in months ago. John goes in to see his patient, and he tries to explain about how terrible things have been this year. He reveals he's not going to be John's patient anymore, and is going to give put his life in God's hands. You can only imagine John's reaction. John goes out and tells Margaret about what his patient is doing.

    Back at the diner, John's still having problems with his neck. Chris suggests reading something in People magazine. Bob walks in with good news, he submitted his application for inclusion in the Cherokee Indian tribe. Linda comes in, and John and Bob leave. John needs to see a patient of his, and Bob's going to be his guide. Linda tells Chris and Jake about she and Kevin, and Jake thinks she's crazy.

    John walks into the office to see if the results for his patient has arrived. When they come in, it seems the man's uric acids have improved, upsetting John, since earlier, he told the patient that they're probably still high.

    At the diner, Jake's reading a book, but the sesame seeds are playing havoc on his reading. Bob comes in to grab a Wall Street Journal since he's looking for places to invest all of that money he's planning on getting from the government. Linda comes in and reveals Kevin's plans have changed.

    Back at the office, Margaret gives John the new test results for his patient, and it confirms the first test was correct. John's patient walks in and they get into another argument about science and religion.

    Back at the diner, Jake asks Linda about her relationship with Kevin. Chris comes over and tells Linda she's late because she looked at the wrong watch. Chris tells her she had better go to Chicago and surprise him. John comes in and tells Chris about his patient, and then walks out. Bob comes in and tells Jake he wasn't able to get any money from the government.

    At the office, Margaret gets into a debate with John about science and religion, since John's patient does seem to be improving. It also seems John's neck has improved, and he doesn't notice it until Margaret points out how he's able to move a little better.

    This was another interesting and fun episode. Linda's relationship is getting more and more crazy. I just knew how the plot with John and his patient was going to go.