Season 3 Episode 13

The Princess Cruise

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2001 on CBS

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  • John gets upset when Linda sends him on a gay cruise.

    At the office, John's having a problem managing his umbrella. After blowing up at Margaret and Linda, John walks into his office. Margaret says every four years, he gets like this, far worse than usual.

    At the diner, Reggie, Margaret, and Linda are chatting about John's behavior. Bob is in the background, listening to everything. Jake and his girlfriend, Heidi come in, and she leaves to go to work. Bob can't believe she is going out with Jake, since she's so beautiful. John comes in and has a fight with the coat rack. Everyone suggests that John take a vacation, but he doesn't have the money for it.

    Later that day, back at the diner, Heidi comes in, dressed down, which Reggie notices. Heidi feels she doesn't have to dress up since Jake can't see her.

    At the office, Margaret is trying to get John out the door, and on the cruise Linda set him up on. He can't believe he's going on the cruise. When John leaves, Linda calls a friend, and she finds out that the cruise she send John on is a gay cruise.

    The few days later, Linda comes in, scared of running into John. It seems Margaret had a great week off of work. When someone comes in, Linda gets a little jumpy. John comes in and is asked about the cruise by Margaret. John walks over to Linda and tells her that he's going to kill her for putting him on the gay cruise.

    Bob comes walking into the diner, and sees Heidi, all dressed down, in front of Jake. Bob's shocked by her appearance. John walks in and is asked about the cruise. Linda comes in and bursts out with an apology about sending him on the gay cruise. Everyone in the diner bursts out in laughter.

    Back at the office, Linda gets a chill and sees John staring at her, she looks scared. Margaret comes out and asks John about how much longer this will go on. Margaret tries to get him to see the positive aspect of the cruise, as he was able to get some sun and get caught up on some reading.

    Bob comes into the diner and talks to Jake, who's all dressed up in a suit. Reggie tells him about Heidi dressing down, who happens to come in and hear about the whole thing. Jake decides to dump her. John comes in and asks for coffee. Linda then walks in with some money for John. She offers him her life savings if he won't be mad at her. He gives it back to her, and says that he focused on the negative aspect of the cruise.

    I thought this episode was hilarious. The whole idea for the plot was great, and it was acted very well I have to admit.