Season 2 Episode 17

The Roast That Ruined Them

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2000 on CBS

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  • Finally!

    This episode was much better than the last few. Finally, Becker\'s girlfriend is back. I was beginning to think she would end up as one of those characters who is never seen again and only talked about for the rest of the series. It was funny that no one, except for Reggie, her boy toy, and a convict, showed up to the party. However, I was a little confused why Liz couldn\'t invite some of her friends. Yeah, it was at his apartment, but they were throwing it together. The best part was definitely Reggie seeing her boyfriend as a little boy trying to have sex with her. Definitely the best episode in a while!
  • Liz and John have friends over for dinner which goes horribly wrong.

    John's chatting with Jake about the magazines he's selling, when Reggie comes in with Brad, from her psych class. After brad leaves, John can't believe they're going out. He's much younger than she is, but Reggie insists there's a double standard, older men date younger women all the time.

    At work, Linda is chatting on the phone when Margaret comes by. Margaret chews her out for being on the phone and not learning more about the paperwork they have. Liz then comes in and tells John that she doesn't want to stay in again, but rather have a dinner party, which John's not too enthusiastic about.

    John walks into the diner and invites Reggie and Jake to a dinner party, which makes them burst into laughter. Reggie says she'll bring Brad, but only if John doesn't make fun of him.

    At work, Linda is asking Margaret about the type-writer and the stamps. John comes over and invites them to the dinner party.

    At home, John's watching TV while Liz gets everything done. Margaret comes in and tells they won't be attending, but John's not wearing pants. John finally admits to Liz, that there will only be four people there, not a very large group of people. Reggie and Brad are the only other two there. There's then a knock at the door. It's someone named Wayne, but John doesn't know him, but Margaret invited him.

    At the dinner party, things aren't going so well. Brad is a vegetarian, and Wayne works for a meat company. They then begin discussing the boxing match which is on. Liz gets upset when John puts a lot of salt on his food. Wayne then notices where he knows John, John rear-ended him, and he's suing John for it.

    Reggie and Brad go back to his dorm room to make out. Reggie decides to leave when Brad reveals he's a virgin.

    At the office, Margaret snaps when Linda asks her too many questions about everything around the office.

    At the diner, John comes in, and chats with Reggie and Jake about how things went last night. Reggie didn't exactly offer up all of the details on how things went with Brad. Liz comes in and asks John to apologize for what happened last night. When he does, Reggie and Jake gasp.

    Not too bad of an episode, but it wasn't all that interesting at the same time. The scene at the dorm room was pretty funny.