Season 3 Episode 21

The TorMentor

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2001 on CBS

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  • Becker's very excited about his old mentor coming to town, but he's devastated when Dr. Fowler doesn't remember him at all and is instantly attracted to Reggie. Meanwhile, Linda struggles to hide a phone bill that includes calls to her friend in Hawaii.

    Cute! I just loved the pains Becker went through to get Dr. Fowler to remember him. I think Linda provided a little insight as to why Becker was trying so hard when she asked for some attention from her boss. Although, after she keeps calling her friend in Hawaii, asking what to do about the phone bill, you have to wonder just how much dumber she'll get. Meanwhile, Leonard Nimoy is hilarious as Dr. Fowler, who just keeps infuriating Becker each time they talk. And it seems that with Leonard Nimoy and Terry Farrell, we have, what I like to call, a mini-Star Trek reunion.
  • Strangers in the night!

    John is happy that his favorite professor is coming to town, but the poor man doesn't not remember him....(he should be thankful), which annoys Becker since he idolised him.

    One person the old professor would like to get to know is Reggie, whom he has taken an interest in.

    We all knew it was coming......the phone bill of Linda's long distant calls came and she is trying to hid it from everyone.

    Overall, a great episode.
  • John's old professor doesn't seem to remember him.

    Everyone is at the diner, and John walks in, and he's actually happy. His old philosophy professor is coming to town for a book signing. John says he was like his mentor. John goes on to tell everyone stories about the two of them, and Bob doesn't care about John's stories.

    At the book signing, John meets the professor, but the professor doesn't seem to remember him. He seems to hit it off with Reggie, however.

    At the diner, everyone's making fun of John because his professor didn't remember him.

    At the office, Linda is worried about the expensive phone bill. She's been calling a friend who is living in Hawaii a lot.

    John talks to Margaret about his professor. John thinks he's trying to teach him a lesson for some reason. Margaret thinks he's crazy.

    At the diner, Bob is wondering what he may have been like if he had had a mentor. Jake suggests he go to school and make something of himself. John walks in to talk to the professor. You said I was special. It was harvard, everyone was special.

    Linda has been working her butt off to remind John and Margaret how good of an employee she is. She's trying to cover because of the big phone bill. Linda doesn't yet know that they haven't seen the bill yet.

    John and Margaret talking about the problem with the professor. Linda walks in asking if there's anything she can do for them.

    Jake suggests to Bob to do some things, but all of them require Bob to leave town. Bob turns to the professor for advice. The professor says he's reached the apex of his capabilities.

    John comes in pissed at the professor. John shows him a paper he wrote in college, but the professor said he wouldn't have given him that grade, there were incorrect "facts" and run-on sentences.

    Linda's talking to her friend Julie again. She's concerned about getting fired.

    Margaret and John are talking about the professor yet again. Linda bursts in and confesses everything. They dismiss it as not that important compared to the professor, and then she confesses she broke the X-Ray machine.

    Reggie and the professor are in the diner laughing. John walks in to get some coffee. The professor apologizes for not remembering him. Just as John is about to walk out, he seems to remember something, and it makes his day.

    After John leaves, it's revealed that Reggie told the professor what to say. I saw the ending coming, but that's okay. It was kind of a silly episode.
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