Season 3 Episode 17

The Ugly Truth

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2001 on CBS

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  • Reggie uses a test from her psych class on John, while Jake loses his disability benefits.

    John walks into the diner, freezing, and looking for coffee. Bob comes in, and he still hasn't fixed John's heat in his apartment. Reggie tells John that she has to close up early. Jake then comes in, laughing. He received a drivers license renewal notice, which upsets John, since Jake is blind.

    At the office, Margaret complains to Linda about not making coffee. It seems there was a bit of an electrical fire, so she can't make coffee. After escorting an idiot patient out, John deals with an attractive, young woman with an ankle sprain. Bob comes in hears about Margaret's need for an electrician. Bob says he can fix the electrical problem.

    John walks into the diner, asking for coffee and eggs. John complains to Jake about Bob not fixing his heat. Jake tells him he got his new drivers license, but John brushes off that silly news, as he knows that something bad is about to happen to Jake eventually. Reggie tells John that the women at the office were plants, all for her psychology class. She tried to prove attractive people are treated differently.

    Back at John's office, he's on the phone, trying to get a lawyer to sue Reggie for recording his medical sessions. Linda comes in and is asked by John what he can do to get her back; she suggests cutting her brake lines. In the other room, Bob is telling Margaret his entire life story, while he fixed the electrical problem.

    At the diner, a man walks in and asks for some lunch. Another man comes in, and asks for lunch. One is attractive, the other isn't, which makes Reggie think John sent the two guys in to get back at Reggie for the stunt earlier. The handsome man ends up walking out after being scolded by Reggie. John comes in and Jake asks him to read a registered letter. The state of NY has revoked his disability benefits, pending a full investigation, after he, a blind man, got his license renewed. This was exactly what John was expecting.

    Still at the diner, John is reading the letter to Reggie and everyone else in there.

    Back at the office, Bob and Margaret are talking about Margaret's marriage.

    Jake comes into John's personal office. He's really nervous as he's not been able to get anywhere with getting his benefits back.

    At the diner, Bob and Margaret seem to be getting along pretty well, much to the surprise of a lot of people. The unattractive guy who was in there earlier, getting lunch, comes back in and asks Reggie out on a date. She agrees to go out with him. Reggie still thinks this is part of something John is doing.

    John and Jake are sitting down at one of the state of New York's offices, trying to get Jake's benefits back. John has the woman really have it, so she goes and gets her supervisor, who is really attractive, and John loses his edge, and melts.

    At the diner, John and Jake are arguing. Jake got his benefits back after he fell down the stairs. Margaret comes in, complaining about Bob, who "fixed" the outlet, but it shorted out, and burned her hand. Reggie's date comes in to take her out, so she talks to John about it, and is shocked when she realizes John has nothing to do with setting her up.

    This wasn't my favorite storyline, but the scene in the office towards the end was pretty funny.