Season 6 Episode 6

The Unbelievable Wrongness of Talking

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2003 on CBS

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  • An emotional side of John is shown in the end.

    Hector comes into the diner and asks Jake if he's got any money to invest in coffee futures, but Jake turns him down. He then asks Chris and John when they come in, but they both turn him down. Finally he leaves, and John orders coffee to go, and leaves. Jake comes over and comments on the dull conversation Chris and John had.

    Linda comes into work, and it seems she didn't even come to work yesterday. Linda tells Margaret that she thinks she found "the one", but Margaret thinks she's being ridiculous as usual. Linda goes on to tell Margaret that the guy she's with is a rich lawyer. John comes in to get his usual list of patients he needs to deal with. He then goes in to see a patient, Dana, who's got something wrong with her foot. John tells her that he needs to run an MRI on her. John leaves and goes into his office and finds Linda using his phone, speaking to her new boyfriend.

    At the diner, John's ready to leave when he tells Chris that instead of going out for dinner, they're going to stay in. John leaves and notices Jake's pants are wet because of the leaky sink in the bathroom. Hector comes in and asks Chris and Jake for money again. Hector leaves disappointed about not being able to get money from either of them. Chris comes out of the bathroom, soaked from the sink.

    Chris comes over to John's with pizza and two bags of food and drinks, but he's being really inconsiderate of Chris. Instead of wanting to talk to Chris, he'd rather watch the game. When she starts talking, John turns up the volume on the television.

    Back at the office, Margaret asks Linda about her date with Steve. Linda reveals she's in love with Steve's father now, who is also named Steve. In the other room, John's with a young patient. He tells John that he's getting erections when he doesn't need them. Since he's thirteen, he never needs them. John tells him it's perfectly normal. Chris comes in with food for John and she talks to Margaret about John. Chris comes away thinking John's actually happy. Margaret tells John that his patient's MRI results have come in, and it looks like bad news.

    Hector comes into the diner and tells Jake he may have been right about him getting a job. He then yells at Jake because coffee futures have went up 300%, and since Jake wouldn't give him money, Hector's pretty upset about it.

    John comes home and finds Chris hanging outside of his apartment. John brought over some Chinese and it seems he already ate his, so hers is cold. They sit down on the couch to watch TV. Chris mutes the TV so they can talk. Chris tells him she's not having a good time. Finally, John tells Chris about his day, which includes how he has to tell Dana that she's got MS.

    The ending was very good, as it revealed my suspicions about what Dana had, and it offered an emotional side of John which is rarely shown.