Season 3 Episode 5

The Usual Suspects

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2000 on CBS

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  • Becker's office is vandalized.

    John and Margaret walk into the office, only to find that it's been vandalized. Chairs are over-turned, papers are strewn around the room, it's an absolute mess. Margaret calls the police and is put on hold. She eventually is able to talk to someone and they promise they'll send someone down.

    John is becoming more and more impatient. He asks Margaret why the police aren't here yet, she said they should be here by now. After a minute, a police officer walks in. He says the place is a mess, and then asks why they wanted him to come in. John just can't believe it.

    The police officer says John seems familiar. He says he thinks he saw him in a gay bar, but John says he was near a gay nar, not inside. This ends up being a running gag for the whole show, with the officer bringing up the idea that John is gay.

    The police officer has asked John and Margaret who they think did the vandalizing, and they said that's why you're here. As the officer is about to leave, unable to solve the case, in walks Linda, and the officer does an about-face. He hits on her right in front of everyone. It kinds of creeps everyone out.

    At the diner, John breaks the news to everyone about the office being vandalized. They're all surprise of course. They tried to think of who would do such a thing, and they show clips of previous episodes of John talking rudely to people, as they realize there are a lot of people who could be the suspect.

    There were a couple of scenes in this episode where they showed old clips of John talking back to people.

    Every time Linda was in the presence of the police officer, he would hit on her, really creeping her and anyone around her out. His advances were a little forward.

    Eventually, the officer finds Linda in John's office. She was apparently trying to hide from him. As he's about to ask her out to lunch, she confesses that she had a party at the office, and planned to come in early to clean it all up. He agrees to keep that from John if she goes out to lunch with him.

    This wasn't a hilarous episode, it was just kind of silly.