Season 4 Episode 19

Too Much, Too Late

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2002 on CBS

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  • Brilliant!

    I loved, loved this episode.

    Linda thinks she's the office hero after saving a patient's life....which is all good seeing that she was temporarily able to establish her purpose in life till she got too cocky and Margaret had to put her in her place.

    Reggie tries to help Jake fulfill his childhood dreams but she only helps to point out what a failure his life really is.

    Overall, another series classic
  • Jake reveals a list of goals he made when he was a kid.

    John comes into the diner, where Bob and Margaret are sitting down. John complains about him stepping into chewing gum. Jake comes in with a letter from his teacher, who sent him the list of goals he wrote when he was a child. John reads off the list, some sound easy, some certainly aren't. Jake reveals he's not accomplished any of those goals. Reggie said one of her goals was to be a tollbooth operator.

    Linda walks into the office, with a gift for Margaret. She opens it, and they're fudge brownies. John walks an overweight patient out, and when he sees Margaret's brownies, he takes one of them. He starts choking, so Linda helps him get the brownie out, and the man is very thankful.

    John comes into the diner, and Reggie hangs up the phone. It seems Reggie was able to get Jake in to the circus so he can ride an elephant, which was on his list of goals. John thinks she's crazy for helping Jake with that. Jake comes in and Reggie takes him to the circus. She asks John to close up for her.

    At the office, John complains to Margaret about the lack of pencils in the exam room, but John ignores the one in his ear. The man Linda helped comes in with a watch for Linda, as a gift. Reggie and Jake come in, and Jake hurt his knee, when he fell into a pile of elephant poo. John tells Reggie that she's crazy for helping him with this. We then see Jake flying into a rock-climbing wall. This is because one of Jake's goals was to climb Mount Everest.

    In his personal office, John and Reggie talk about Reggie's taking Jake rock-climbing. Margaret brings in Jake, who's in a lot of pain. In the other room, Linda is exaggerating the story about her saving a patient's life, to a group of people she met on the subway. When John asks her to get back to work, she wonders if maybe she should be moved up to a more important role, since she saved a person's life.

    At the diner, Reggie says she's got an idea for Jake, but he's not interested. Bob comes in and tells him he tracked down a girl from school, and Jake always wanted to kiss her. She comes over and they kiss, and it cheers Jake right up. She leaves, and Jake says there's no way that was the actual person. Bob admits he paid a prostitute to kiss Jake.

    At the office, Linda seems to be allowing her act of life-saving get to her head. When Linda says Margaret's "just a nurse", Margaret gets very angry and yells at Linda for it.

    At the diner, Reggie's trying to get Jake to finish one of the things on his list, finish a gallon of O'Malley's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, but Jake's tired of the whole thing. Bob comes in with a guy Jake knew in sixth grade. The guy comes in and punches Jake for making him repeat the sixth grade when he squealed about him cheating. Bob reveals that the prostitute from earlier was a man, and it only further upsets Jake.

    This was a pretty silly episode. While Reggie's attempts to help Jake were heart-felt, I understood where John was coming from when, and I agreed with him.