Season 3 Episode 24

Trials and Defibrillations

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 14, 2001 on CBS

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  • Becker on trial.

    There are two court room episodes that are synonymous with sitcom history. The first is the episode of The Brady Bunch where Mike saves Carol from a false law suit by dropping a brief case causing the plaintiff's fake neck brace to be exposed. The other is of course the Seinfeld finale.

    While this is not as infamous as those two, this was a truly great laffer. Every scene was hilarious, nearly every line was pure gold, and this is just Becker at its best. You can make an argument that the show peaked after this three part episode, as it was truly difficult to follow up with this.
  • End of the three par-ta.

    I loved this episode:

    Becker is on trial for mal-practice and things are looking really bad for his case when Vinny is able to gain sympathy from the jury while Becker's witness (Reggie, Margaret, Linda) all hinder his case, by, actually speaking the truth.

    But, the real threat to his case is Becker himself, when he takes the witness stand.

    Overall, a great episode, and a lovely way to end the third season.
  • John is on trial for malpractice.

    The show opens with highlights from the previous episode.

    At work, John's lawyer comes in to meet with John about the case. He's been working on some things for her to put into her opening statement. They go over a few things, and John gets upset when she tells him that he won't be testifying. In the other room, Mr. Gordon is being told by Margaret about a heart monitor he has to wear. When Mr. Gordon leaves, worried about John and his lawsuit, Linda tries to cheer John up. When he walks away, she picks up the phone and calls a company about getting another job, since there's a chance John could lose the case, and Linda would likely be out of a job.

    John comes into the diner to get some coffee. He's nervous as heck and asks for some decaf. Bob can't help but ask about where John's attractive lawyer is, but she's not coming by apparently, so Bob leaves. When Reggie comes over to talk to him, John just wants to be left alone.

    At the court room, Bob comes in with flowers for John's lawyer, so she places them right into the trash can. The judge comes in, and the case begins. John gets a little nervous when he notices that Vinny's lawyer seems to be getting at the jury and playing with their emotion. Outside the court room, everyone is leaving for lunch. John seems really down on the way things went.

    Bob comes into the diner, and tells John about how he slept with John's lawyer. Neither John nor Jake can believe what they just heard, she was supposed to have good judgement.

    At the court room, John asks his lawyer about her sleeping with Bob. She says she was really tense last night. When the judge comes in, she begins the day with Margaret on the stand. None of the eyewitnesses was of much help to John, which leads him to get a bit concerned.

    Outside the court room, Jake comes by to see how John's doing. John insists that he should take the stand. Jake tries to cheer him up by offering him some perspective.

    Back in the court room, John's doodling, when his lawyer comes in and talks to Bob. She tells her to stay away. John's lawyer decides to put John on the stand, and offers a little advice. Margaret comes in with Mr. Gordon, who is complaining about having some dizziness from having low blood sugar. When the judge begins the case again for the day, John's lawyer calls John to the stand.

    On the stand, John is being questioned by his lawyer, and it goes well. Vinny's lawyer comes over and questions him. John ends up going off on a rant and tries to walk out. The judge finds him out of order and places him in jail.

    We then see John lying down in a jail cell, talking to his cell mate about what happened.

    Like the previious few episodes, this wasn't my favorite storyline. They did, however, do a good job with the comedy.