Season 1 Episode 19

Truth and Consequences

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 1999 on CBS

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  • John accidentally reveals that his cousin cheated on his wife, which obviously doesn't go over so well with the guy's wife.

    John walks into the office, carrying a parking meter. He asks Margaret which patients are waiting for him, so she tells him, and asks John why he's carrying the parking meter. As he leaves, he tells her that the meter ate his quarter, it shouldn't have done that. A muscular man walks in to empty the hazardous waste bin, but Linda is attracted to him, so she stares at him for a little while, and tells Margaret she never meets anyone like that. In the other room, John's patient, an elderly man, asks for an aids test since he met a woman, but John doesn't think he needs one, however decides to go ahead anyway.

    At the diner, Reggie serves Jake and Reggie some food, but John complains about the fact that she's trying to spiffy up the place by putting little toothpicks in the burgers. Margaret calls Reggie and tells her John's accountant, Berry is on the way down. He's also John's cousin, by the way, and John doesn't really like him all that much. When he shows up, John tries to get out of going to his house for dinner. After he leaves, John complains about having to go to his cousins house in New Jersey.

    At his cousin, Berry's house, John is sitting on the couch, but Berry and his wife are spending all their time taking shots at one another. She is annoyed by John coming over without telling her first. After John had enough, he yells at both of them, and accidentally mentions Berry's one-time affair with his secretary, which makes for an awkward moment, but he's on his way out anyway.

    John walks in to the diner and tells Jake and Reggie about what happened, and Berry is now living with him because of the affair. Berry walks in to the diner and yells at John for what happened. Reggie doesn't want John to leave Berry in here with her and Jake, but John leaves quickly so he doesn't have to deal with it.

    At the doctor's office, John tells his patient that his HIV test came back negative. John knows he didn't need the test, and they both know it. Mr. Gordon seems to think that sex has changed somehow over the years since he had sex last. As the patient, Mr. Gordon, is leaving, the muscular man comes in again, but with a back injury, so Linda takes him back to the doctor's office. Linda loses interest in him when he reveals he's married, but doesn't wear his ring because the metal in it reacts with the chemicals.

    John walks in to the diner, but as soon as he enters, Reggie and Jake complain to him about Berry. He's been annoying the heck out of them both. John goes over to him and tells him he's being a pain in the ass and he should go home. Berry tells John that she won't have anything to do with him. John decides to go and talk to Berry's wife and get them to make up. John tries to sweet-talk her in hopes that she'll take Berry back, but she takes it as though John is hitting on her. When Berry comes in to see them kissing one another. After some confusion, she takes Berry back. After yelling at the two of them, he realizes Berry still has his keys, but Berry and his wife are having sex, so John waits outside for two minutes until they're finished.

    This episode was pretty funny. Mr. Gordon ended up being much funnier than I thought at first. The plot with John revealing his cousin cheated on his wife ended up being really funny. I was also happy to see Richard Schiff, who I recognized from his role on The West Wing.