Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2002 on CBS

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  • John considers going to his ex-wife's wedding.

    John comes into a bar, and complains about the train station. The bartender wants to read a book, but John keeps wanting to interrupt him. During the discussion, we get a flashback to John's day at the diner. It seems it's Valentine's Day, and no one except Reggie seems to have any big plans. Reggie is happy about Valentine's Day since she actually received flowers and has a date. Back to the bar, John's telling the bartender about his life, and reveals an important twist in the book the bartender is reading.

    Still at the bar, John reveals Margaret told him to go to his ex-wife's wedding. There's a flashback to Margaret complaining to John about his lack of interest in going to his ex-wife's wedding. Back to the bar, John tells him a bit more about his wife. Back to the office, Linda says she has to leave on a lunch date, and she is asked by Margaret to help. Back to the bar, John says there are too many women in his life. To the diner, Reggie says she'd go with him, but she's got the date with Scott. Bob comes in and says things aren't going so well. Jake comes in and tells John that he can't go watch the Knick's game with John. Bob asks John if he can watch the Knick's game with him if things don't pan out. Linda comes in and asks John when John's leaving for the wedding. Linda is able to convince him to go.

    At the bar, the bartender verifies why John's going to go to his ex-wife's wedding. Back to the diner, John complains to Reggie about Linda and Margaret about all of the things they're doing. A man brings in a stuffed bear for Reggie, which cheers her up even more, but doesn't like it that the bear said "I Wuv You". Back to the bar, the bartender says how much he hates those bears. At the diner, Reggie tells John is going to dump him because the bear is some sort of omen. Jake comes in and says he's going back to the apartment to see Amanda. At the bar, John tells the bartender Jake's whipped. Back to the office, Margaret and Linda are dressing John, who is wearing shoes which don't match the rest of his suit. Back to the bar, they talk about bowling, and how John sat on a child's cake. Back to the office, John leaves. Back to the bar, the bartender says the game is on, and he should go so he doesn't miss the wedding, but John doesn't seem to be in any sort of hurry.

    Arriving home, John immediately runs into Bob, who seems to have let himself into John's apartment. Bob's angry because they were supposed to watch the game together. John tries to cheer him up by giving him the gift he was going to give his ex-wife, a gravy boat. They decide to sit down and watch the rest of the game.

    This episode wasn't my favorite. All the back and forth flashbacks got to be a bit annoying, and having George Wendt in the cast didn't seem to add all that much.