Season 3 Episode 4

What Indifference a Day Makes

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2000 on CBS

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  • John tries to impress a high school kid at the office.

    Reggie, Jake, and Bob are finding a difficult time of coming up with a story to tell one another. They've spent so much time together, they're out of material.

    John walks into the diner upset he's got to take a high schooler around the office, letting him watch his every move.

    The gang at the diner still can't find anything to talk about. They start a story, only to realize they've told that one already.

    At the office, John meets the high school student, who seems to be very confident and knowledgeable. The first patient was just there to get some tongue depressors for his kids.

    Still at the diner, and without any stories to tell, one of them, Bob, decides to just to make up a story.

    Linda is asked to work on the medical files, and get them organized. They're taking up too much room.

    John's second patient turns out to be a mistaken identity. This is starting to make John feel foolish.

    Linda suggests adding mirrors to one side of the room, to make the room seem larger. Linda just being Linda, you know?!

    John's next patient is an eldrely woman who needs her toenails trimmed. John immediately walks out of the room. He just can't believe the day he's having. He wants to impress the kid from high school, but things just aren't going well.

    At the diner, they're unable to come up with a story. Reggie suggests sharing personal stories, since they've not really done that. Bob's story ends up shocking them.

    At the end of the day, Margaret talks with John and tells him not to worry about it. Not every day is exciting, and John is fine again. Linda yells for John. A man is having a problem, just barely making it through the door. Margaret says she'll call 911, but John says to get some medical equiment instead. He then asks Linda to go get the kid from high school. It was a great bit of humor for what was obviously a serious situation.