Season 6 Episode 1

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2003 on CBS

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  • Chris gets out of the hospital.

    The show begins with a look back at the previous episode.

    Margaret and Linda walks into the diner and see the lights are off. They end up startling Jake, who's setting up the register for Chris. They notice Jake's got a haircut. He sold his dreadlocks for $500. Chris comes in and talks to Linda and Margaret about the surgery she had. John comes in and gets into a confusing conversation about him telling Chris that he loved her just before she went under the knife.

    At the office, John walks out Mr. Lewis, who has an infection. Margaret pokes fun at John for his silly candy cigarette. She also pokes fun at him for what he told Chris. Linda comes in from the back, and she doesn't seem too enthusiastic. Linda tells Margaret that she needs to find more meaning in her life, so she asks Margaret about how she is able to do it for herself.

    Back at the diner, Hector comes in and asks is there's a job available. He then notices Jake, and it seems Jake used to hang out with Hector's brother. Chris opens up a letter and complains to Jake about the $3000 hospital bill, even after the insurance handled some of it. John comes in tries to help her decipher the language in the detailed bill. Upset, Chris tells John she's going to fight the hospital on some of the charges, but John laughs about it, as he doesn't believe she'll really go through with fighting such a big bureaucracy.

    Margaret walks into work and is surprised to see Linda in early, and even reading a book. Linda shows her the book she's reading, a general book about religion. The two of them discuss religion, and they almost get into a fight over it.

    A bit later on, Margaret walks in to see John, who screwed up and tried to light his candy cigarette on fire, like a regular cigarette. They talk about John's interest or lack of interest in Chris. Margaret tells John to talk to Chris about his feelings.

    Back at the diner, Chris asks Jake to look over the diner while she goes to hospital to complain about her bill. Hector suggests that they take Chris's money instead of dropping it off at the bank, they take it to Atlantic City, but Chris doesn't like the idea.

    At the hospital, Chris makes her way in to see one of the Administrators. After several minutes of questions, Chris gives in and writes out a check to the hospital, as it's clear she doesn't have any other desirable options.

    At night, John and Chris are standing outside of their apartment. They talk about the hospital, and Chris admits John was right about not making any progress. They then discuss the whole "I love you" thing and they end up yelling at one another. John finally asks her out to dinner, and she agrees to his offer.

    This was a pretty silly episode, and the ending was one of the best parts of it.