Season 3 Episode 19

You Say Gay Son, I Say Godson

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2001 on CBS

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  • John is in a bad situation when his Godson comes to visit him.

    A woman comes into the office and hears Margaret complaining to Lewis on the phone. John comes in and hears all about it as well. It seems today is Margaret's birthday, and Lewis doesn't seem interested in celebrating. Linda comes in and tells John that there's someone in his office, John's godson. John goes into his office and sees his godson, who reveals that he's gay, and is looking for some advice on telling his father about this.

    At the diner, Reggie is looking through a magazine, noticing all of the beautiful people going to parties. Reggie's really down on how her life is. Sara, comes in and sees if Reggie has any food to take to the homeless shelter. When she leaves, Reggie gets upset because Sara borrowed a dress a long time ago, and hasn't brought it back.

    Linda comes into the office, late, but Margaret's too caught up with her problems with Lewis to scold Linda for being late. Lewis apparently left the house before Margaret woke up, and wrote her a note. John walks a patient of his out, and runs into an old friend, the father of the young man who came in earlier. The man offers to take him out to lunch, which John likes.

    Back at the diner, Bob is looking through the magazine Reggie had. He's looking at all of the women's breasts, and then says he's leaving, to go back to the apartments. He says he likes to turn off the heat for a day or so, and turn it back on, so it looks like he fixed something. Sara comes in and Reggie asks Sara if she can get the dress, and apologizes. Since Sara is too busy, Reggie has to go pick it up, along with all of her other clothes.

    At Ming's John is waiting for his friend. Bill, the owner, is growing impatient, as he's not ordered anything. When John's friend comes in, John tells him about his son being gay, which shocks him. It seems Adam told him he's also quiting Pre-Med, which shocks John.

    At the office, Margaret and Linda talk about Margaret's date with Lewis. She is worried Lewis is going to tell him he will want a divorce. Adam comes in and rushes in to see John. When he runs into him, he's angry at John for telling his father about him being gay.

    Reggie comes into the diner, carrying armloads of dresses. She's upset that Sara ended up sticking her with the bill.

    The next day, Margaret comes in happy about Lewis. It seems he lost his job, and was really sad. John's friend comes in and wants to talk to him. He pours out his feelings to John about everything, and leaves before John can really have much of a word.

    At the diner, Bob's looking at a magazine, picking out the fake breasts. Sara comes in and pays Reggie for picking up her dresses. She ends up paying for half of the money in coupons, which upsets Reggie. To get her back, Reggie grabs a mustard bottle and squirts some mustard on the back of Sara's jacket as she's walking out. Sara stops and remembers that the jacket is Reggie's, and she hands it to her. Reggie feels just terrible when she ends up getting the mustard all over her shirt.

    At Ming's, John is joined by Adam, who are waiting on Adam's father. Bill offers his opinion on the whole thing, since he wants to close up and go home. John and Adam decide to stay a little while longer in hopes that Adam's father will show up.

    I enjoyed this episode, although there wasn't much comedy in the main plot. The subplot with Reggie and Sara was hilarious.