Season 3 Episode 19

You Say Gay Son, I Say Godson

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2001 on CBS



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    • Linda: Dr. Becker, there's a guy in your room claiming that you're his godfather. I don't know why though because you're not italian.

    • Becker: You think it would help if I talked to him?
      Adam: Why, 'cause you're so good at it?

    • Becker: Ming, you got another fortune cookie?
      Bill/Ming: I'll tell you your fortune. If you don't order something soon, a tall dark man is going to throw you out on your cheap white ass.

    • Adam: I was hoping for some advice on how to tell my dad.
      Becker: Oh, wow, oh, jeez. I always thought if you called me it'd be to ask me for money and I'd know the answer to that.

    • Becker: Mr. Berman, next time you want to pet an animal, try a dog. New York squirrels have way too much attitude.

    • Reggie: Hey, I am the better person and if I have to humiliate that phony bitch to prove it, I will.

    • Margaret: Louis, lost his job.
      Linda: That pretty much rules out alimony.

    • Adam: How could you tell my father that I was gay?
      Becker: I thought you told him?
      Adam: Well, he got so mad when I told him about med school, I chickened out.
      Becker: Yeah, and about med school. You can't believe how much that hurt me.

    • Mr. Walters: You're an idiot. You passed up lunch at the Four Seasons to eat at Ming's?
      Becker: Mr. Walter, your wife and girlfriend are both patients of mine. Watch who you call idiot.

    • Margaret: The way I figure it, he's taking me to a public place because he know I'll make a scene.
      Linda: Why does he think that?
      Margaret: He knows me.

    • Margaret: When I woke up this morning, Louis was gone.
      Linda: Dead?
      Margaret: No!

    • Reggie: I would love to go to the Academy Awards. The gowns, the glamour, the jewelry.....
      Bob: This fork smells.
      Reggie: And then there's my life.

    • Adam: I'm gay. Did you hear me?
      Becker: I did, I just thought it was something I should know already.

    • Becker: I'm not good at this Godfather thing.
      Adam: Hey, we're just talking.
      Becker: I'm not good at that either.

    • Becker: Don't you think you might be overreacting? I mean, you already bought the card, why didn't you just sign his name?
      Margaret: Because it's my damn birthday.
      Becker: Oh, happy birthday. Say, are we having cake?

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