Bed of Roses - Season 1

ABC1 (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Over The Rainbow
    Over The Rainbow
    Episode 6
    The cottage is finally up for auction, only for Louisa to come to the realisation that Rainbow End is her home. Louisa also declares her feelings for Tibor, her neighbour, but how will he respond? And Mary Kelly, aka. Meilin Chee, is exhumed at a ceremony and flown back to China.moreless
  • The Truth Will Set You Free
    With Marty gone and having insulted her husband's best mate, Louisa must renovate her cottage herself or else sell it unfinished. And she finds out the hard way that you need at least one good friend to get anywhere in the world. And how will Holly respond when she discovers her father's secret?moreless
  • A Friend In Need
    A Friend In Need
    Episode 4
    Louisa gets courage from Holly, which proves enough to fire Marty for his shonky building work. Louisa learns of the previous tenant of the cottage, Mary Kelly, was in fact Chinese, not Irish as the legend stated. Holly is finally ready to let go of her father's ashes.
  • Things Can Only Get Better
    Marty the builder begins renovations on the cottage, but they won't come cheap. Nor will they be done professionally. Louisa and Holly begin the long process of trying to make new friends in the village, though Louisa finds this task much easier than Holly. Louisa's son Shannon turns up with another problem for Louisa, but she already has enough on her plate.moreless
  • Reality Check
    Reality Check
    Episode 2
    Louisa has no money and has moved into the cottage. She looks around town for a job and manages to hold on to one for five minutes. Holly starts her first day at the new school and misses her old school.
  • Not Worth A Cent
    Not Worth A Cent
    Episode 1
    Louisa's life is turned completely upside-down when her husband dies. He left her with no money and no self respect - he was cheating on her, a fact that she is keeping secret from everyone, including her daughter Holly. Her only hope is her hometown of Rainbows End and her inheritance; a run down little cottage.moreless