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  • Season one, OK. Season two, bleh

    I caught this series on Hulu recently. I liked the first series/season. I enjoyed the cast, the acting and the writing for the most part. Sure, it had its flaws but it was entertaining. Move on to the second series/season and episode one was a sign that I wasn't going to like this cast as much. The lead character was not as good as the prior one. She was weepy and just not as likeable. I suppose what I liked about the first was that he was already who he was. He had accepted things already so we didn't have to suffer through the "what's happening to me!" whining.
  • Like Haunted, but with a hint of soap opera

    This show isn't going to win any awards, but it is highly entertaining with a delightfully dark vibe and a good dose of suspense. The main problem with the show is that it doesn't really develop the relationships between any of the characters except Ryan and Jed. Other than those two though, it's unclear why any of these people put up with each other. Molly is a useless character who is apparently slavishly chained to Kate as her bf, despite the fact that Kate is a hateful person who sleeps with anything that moves, including an attempt in the first 10 minutes of the show to seduce Ryan, on whom Molly has a crush. Then there's a weird uncle who hates Jed, and Kate who hates Jed as well. For some reason that isn't well explained Jed is still devoted to Kate despite knowing that she hates him.

    Basically, the relationships make zero sense and you just have to roll with it for the sake of enjoying the weekly mystery and action, which is really the redeeming grace of the show. The writers know how to amp up the suspense and the creep factor, and that is the mainstay of this show.
  • It's OK but it needs more to like.

    First, there is only one protagonist. Even characters that start out being his friend turn on him. So the show needs more people on the hero's side. Second, the show is overall too dark. Lighten it up a little to balance it out. Real life is already dark enough. Third, I don't like getting strung along, so I hope this is not going to be that way. If they have not cleared up the mystery over the owner and his nasty daughter by season two then I will re-think watching the show. I like all the important mysteries to be solved by the end of each show. I won't get strung along forever and then have the show canceled and never get any answers. No way. And fourth... well fix the first three and we'll talk more.