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Rumi is a government employee at the City Hall. Her scrambled efforts to come up with a proposal called, “Project Orchestra” is green-lighted by the higher-ups. Now she must manage the project. News that the producer of Project Orchestra stole the funds for the project disappoints everyone and the orchestra members leave although the city mayor has not been notified about this breach. Rumi has to make sure the performance will go ahead on schedule and she starts to hang posters of the orchestra around the streets. She is drawn to Gun-woo’s home when she hears him playing the trumpet. While riding the subway, Rumi becomes self-conscious about herself in front of Gun-woo and continues to play the violin. She follows Gun-woo, who gets off the subway without acknowledging her. After a lot of disappointments, she is finally able to hold the first performance given by Project Orchestra in front of City Hall. When Rumi tells the orchestra members that their new conductor will be Kang Ma-ae, everyone’s expression freezes.moreless
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love triangle, Soap Opera, Love & Romance, Foreign Language, musical prodigy