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Episode 17

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The members arrive at the concert hall just in time but the performance is already over. The members show their gratitude to Kang Ma-ae who did what he could for them. After giving a stirring performance in the outdoor concert hall, Gun-woo returns home and tells Kang Ma-ae who will leave soon that he will work hard to become a better conductor. Mayor Choi recommends Kang Ma-ae to be an advisor for the Shihyang Orchestra with the intent to hire a new conductor but the Shihyang Orchestra members tell him that they’ll choose the conductor and they try to persuade Kang Ma-ae to stay. After Lee Deun performs at the Genius Concours, he takes a ride in Rumi’s car to see Gab-yong who will be leaving with his son. They head to the train station. Gun-woo tells Kang Ma-ae that the goose’s wish will be to see the last performance.moreless
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