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Arriving at the airport, Kang Ma-ae is received by Rumi and Gun-woo. He goes to Gun-woo’s home. While browsing the profile of the orchestra members, Kang Ma-ae stops when he sees Kang Gun-woo’s name. Kang Ma-ae enters Gun-woo’s home and when Gun-woo arrives later, he asks Rumi to get Kang Ma-ae out of his home. Kang Ma-ae tells Gun-woo to move out of the house because he wants to live there alone. When Kang Ma-ae listens to the lackluster orchestra play a piece, he glares at them and leaves. He then tells Rumi that he will return to whence he came. Gun-woo and Rumi go to a public place where they play their instruments in harmony. Kang Ma-ae becomes upset when his pet dog becomes ill. Gun-woo offers to take Kang’s pet to a vet if he agrees to be the conductor of their orchestra.moreless
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