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Episode 3

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The orchestra members persuade Hee-yeon not to quit the orchestra. Gun-woo tells the orchestra members to stay longer to practice. Yong-ki stands over the members and has a serious expression on his face like Kang Ma-ae. Hyeok-kwon gets annoyed. The orchestra practices with Gun-woo who stands in as the ad hoc conductor. Gun-woo slightly improves in his conducting skills after studying Kang Ma-ae’s book on conducting. Kang Ma-ae finds something odd when he sees Gun-woo clapping his hands to the rhythm of the orchestras. Rumi is surprised to hear that Eaton is a high school dropout from Gabyong. Then Eaton’s family come to the rehearsals. Kang Ma-ae learns that the orchestra is practicing late at night and then he tells Rumi to remove Gun-woo, Rumi tells him that Gun-woo is an important member and they must have him on the orchestra.moreless
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