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On the day of the performance, Rumi appears at the concert hall and bumps into Gun-woo. Rumi and Gun-woo try to act natural around each other. Kang Ma-ae goes up to Gun-woo, who is directing traffic as a traffic cop, if he is happy with what he is doing. While Hee-yeon is rehearsing, her husband appears and drags her out of the room. When Yong-ki hears about this, he tells the other orchestra members. Rumi has trouble hearing as she hears screeching sounds in her ear intermittently. She looks woefully at Kang Ma-ae. While standing in the middle of the road, Gun-woo stops what he is doing and runs to the concert hall. Kang Ma-ae conducts the orchestra with his eyes on Rumi. Rumi is able to focus on her playing. Kang Ma-ae calls Hee-yeon and asks her to do a solo performance.moreless
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