Beethoven Virus

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6


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Kang Ma-ae tells Rumi that if Shi-hyang wants to participate in the audition, then she must get a doctor’s letter that says she has a clean bill of health. The orchestra members raise their eyebrows when they see Gun-woo take a call from Kang Ma-ae, who urges him to enter the auditions. Gun-woo tells Rumi the date of the audition by text message. On the day of the audition, Rumi and Yong-ki play at their very best but Kang Ma-ae gives them low marks. After Gun-woo learns that Rumi has a hearing problem, he suggests to Kang Ma-ae that they call in the former orchestra members as backup. At Shi-hyang’s rehearsals, Gun-woo tells Rumi that he’ll be a backup player in the orchestra.moreless
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