Beetle Bailey and His Friends - Season 1

(ended 1963)




Episode Guide


  • Dr. Jekyll and Beetle Bailey

    Beetle accidentally swallows several vitamin pills which make him super strong. Cookie takes him off the base until the pills effects wear off because Beets is destroying the camp while being unable to control his strength.

    Snuffy Smith - Smoke Screams: Smoke from Snuffy's pipe attracts an Indian chief that claims Snuffy's land belongs to his tribe.

    Krazy Kat - Tourist Attacktion: The town is broke so Offissa Pup comes up with the idea of turning the town into a mecca for tourists.

  • Zero's Dizzy Double Date

    Killer has the hots for the general's new secretary but it's Zero she's interested in.

    Snuffy Smith - Beauty and the Beat: A couple of beatniks think Snuffy is the utmost and encourage him to do a stage performance.

    Krazy Kat - The World's Fair: Ignatz and Krazy see more of the world than they expect when the world's fair comes to their county.

  • Son of a Gun of a Gun

    Beetle and Cosmo are assigned to clean an old Civil War cannon in time for the arrival of a general coming to visit Camp Swampy.

    Snuffy Smith - Settin' and a-Frettin': Snuffy is told to babysit Busy Buzz-Buzz while her mother and Loweezy go to town.

    Krazy Kat - The Kat's Pajamas: Ignatz fakes sleepwalking to see what he can get away with after seeing Offissa Pup watch a show about what not to do to a sleepwalker.

  • Geronimo
    Episode 47

    The Pentagon orders Gen. Halftrack to have three of his men practice jumping from a plane at 20,000 feet.

    Snuffy Smith - The Buzz in Snuffy's Bonnet: Snuffy is fed up with Busy always cleaning and he and Barney tried to occupy her with other activities.

    Krazy Kat - Monumental Love: Krazy's infatuation with Ignatz causes her to build a monument dedicated to him.

  • The Play's the Thing

    Beetle gets two backstage passes if he will do a publicity stunt with actress ZaZa Vavoom. Beetle calls on Killer to help when Bunny spots ZaZa giving Beetle a big kiss.

    Snuffy Smith - Bizzy Napper: Two neighbors decide to hold Busy Buzz-Buzz ransom for Snuffy's $1.35 and find the little girl is more trouble than it's worth.

    Krazy Kat - Dreams of Glory: Ignzat's little cousin comes to visit and Ignatz fills his head with stories of his heroism.

  • Everything's Ducky
    Everything's Ducky
    Episode 45

    Senator Trombone is coming to Camp Swampy for an inspection and Gen. Halftrack wants the best for him. Finding out the senator's favorite food is duck, the general, who has a pet duck, has to decide whether or not his pet should be dinner.

    Snuffy Smith - Ain't It the Tooth: Barney gets a nearly blind dentist to help Snuffy with his toothache.

    Krazy Kat - Safari: Krazy and Ignatz go on a safari when a pink lion falls in love with Krazy.

  • Sgt. Snorkle's Longest Day

    Sgt. Snorkle has a dream in which his eating problem makes him blow up like a balloon.

    Snuffy Smith - The Big Bear Hunt: While Loweezy in tending to a sick relative Snuffy and Jughaid take the relative's daughter with them on a bear hunt. Only thing is she wants to play house and not hunt bears.

    Krazy Kat - My Fair Ignatz: After Ignatz is rude to another theater patron Krazy takes him to her British cousin Percy to learn how to behave like a gentleman.

  • Courage Encourager
    Courage Encourager
    Episode 43

    A scientist invents a machine that increases your courage. He takes it to the general hoping the army will use it to turn the men into fighting machines.

    Snuffy Smith - Keeping Up With the Joneses: Some very snooty people buy the property next door and bring in a mansion.

    Krazy Kat - Southern Hospitality:

  • The Jinx
    The Jinx
    Episode 42

    A warning on a Chinese fortune cookie claiming that beetles are back luck has the squad scrambling to avoid Beetle because he is also a "beetle".

    Snuffy Smith - Barney's Winter Carnival: An overnight snowfall has got Barney thinking of how to turn their place into a winter attraction.

    Krazy Kat - Potions of Love: Offissa Pup is love-struck over crazy and her visiting cousin just happens to be a witch who can make a love potion for him.

  • The Spy
    The Spy
    Episode 41

    Someone has stolen secret plans from Gen. Halftrack's safe and he orders the sergeant to find out who is responsible.

    Snuffy Smith - Gettin' Snuffy's Goat: Jethro has had enough of his ornery goat and unloads it on Loweezy.

    Krazy Kat - Don't Call Us, We'll Call You: Ignatz takes his vaudeville act to an agent for an audition but it's his assistant Krazy that steals the show.

  • Breaking the Leash
    Breaking the Leash
    Episode 40

    Because he found that Beetle, Zero and Cosmo don't like dogs, Sgt. Snorkle has them spend the day at the camp kennel.

    Snuffy Smith - A Farm of the Future: Barney shows Snuffy a book he has that says farming will soon be automated.

    Krazy Kat - Odd for Art's Sake:

  • The Heir
    The Heir
    Episode 39

    Beetle gets a letter saying he is heir to a $10,000,000 estate. Before he even receives a dime, Cosmo shows him how to spend it.

    Snuffy Smith - Do Do that Judo: Jughaid is tired of getting his butt kicked by Bully Bonecrusher while on his way to school. Snuffy tries to give him self defense lessons but when that fails Jughaid sends for a Judo instruction kit that comes with a live instructor.

    Krazy Kat - A Star is Born: Krazy's cousin C.B. comes by and offers to turn her into a movie star.

  • The Diet
    The Diet
    Episode 38

    Sgt. Snorkle goes on a diet and orders the squad to do the same.

    Snuffy Smith - Barney's Blarney: Jughaid loses his nickel in the pond and Barney happens by and tells a tall tale of how he was extremely wealthy once.

    Krazy Kat - Mountain Never-Rest:

  • The Secret Weapon
    The Secret Weapon
    Episode 37

    Beetle and Zero are instructed to guard a secret weapon, which is covered by a tarp similar to the organ in the same room.

    Snuffy Smith - Feudin' and a-Fussin': A neighbor of the Smiths comes calling after Loweezy's calling of her hogs brought his along as well.

    Krazy Kat - Collector's Item:

  • The Bridge on the River "Y"

    The squad is playing war games and their only chance to win is to blow up a certain bridge within the hour. When Sgt. Snorkle doesn't seem them working he goes to investigate and finds them all loafing off until the final minute.

    Snuffy Smith - A Hauntin' Fer a House: A couple of shysters see Loweezy exerting her muscle and believe she gets her strength from local swamp water so they attempt a con.

    Krazy Kat - No Such Luck:

  • Operation Butler
    Operation Butler
    Episode 35

    Beetle appears on a game show and wins the services of a butler for 24 hours.

    Snuffy Smith - There's No Feud Like an Old Feud: Snuffy reminisces with Loweezy about how they first met.

    Krazy Kat - Series-ous Business:

  • Sweet Sunday
    Sweet Sunday
    Episode 34

    Beetle gets caught sneaking out of camp by Otto and for punishment the sergeant tells him to watch the dog while he goes into town. Beetle entices Otto into letting him go to Bunny's picnic with the great food there will be. Bunny's father insists he will drive them and gets busted by the law.

    Snuffy Smith - Springtime and Spark Plug: It's spring and Spark Plug is looking for romance. He notices from Snuffy's sports section of the paper a beautiful mare is coming to town to participate in a show and he is instantly in love.

    Krazy Kat - Folly the Leader:

  • Lucky Beetle
    Lucky Beetle
    Episode 33

    It's Friday the 13th and Beetle is in a panic. Cosmo sells him a magnetized lucky horseshoe that ends up only making things worse.

    Snuffy Smith - It's Better to Give: It's Christmas time and the Smiths give Jughaid a lesson on the art of giving.

    Krazy Kat - Adman on the Loose:

  • The Red Carpet Treatment

    It's Bunny's birthday and Beetle only has $20. Rocky's fly by night catering service guarantees her a night to remember.

    Snuffy Smith - A Hoss Kin Dream: Spark Plug starts sleepwalking and it begins to create havoc around the Smith house.

    Krazy Kat - A Kat's Tale:

  • Hoss Laffs
    Hoss Laffs
    Episode 31

    Beetle and Zero go with the sergeant to pick up a life size statue of General Roughrider on his horse that will be placed in honor of his deeds. However, it's on the second floor of an art studio and ends up being smashed on the way down.

    Snuffy Smith - Jughaid the Magician: Jughaid gets the magic kit he sent for and puts on a show for the family. Barney of course, tries to make Jughaid look foolish.

    Krazy Kat - Krazy and the Krooked Kaper: Krazy's fugitive cousin shows up looking for a place to hide out from the police. He threatens Ignatz who soon assists him into breaking into a bank.

  • Don't Give up the Swamp

    The Pentagon will take over Camp Swampy if the swamp is deep enough for a submarine. Sgt. Snorkle orders the men to make sure it's not.

    Snuffy Smith - Little Red Jughaid: The hillbilly version of Red Riding Hood has Little Red Jughaid taking hominy and grits to his old sick grandpappy.

    Krazy Kat - Big and Little: Ignatz falls asleep and has a terrible dream where he grows hundreds of feet tall and then shrinks down to the size of a flea.

  • Halftrack's Navy
    Halftrack's Navy
    Episode 29

    The troop has been called to dredge a harbor for an admiral's soon arriving ship.

    Snuffy Smith - Fishin' Fools: Snuffy and Jughaid describe how "the big one that got away" happened at the local fishing hole. Barney doesn't believe them so he joins them fishing only to also lose "the big one" not realizing that a couple of fish are playing pranks.

    Krazy Kat - Alp Wanted: Ignatz reads a book about mountain climbing and would like to try except there are no mountains around. Krazy full fills his fantasy by creating one from a hole she dug. Ignatz soon finds out that it's not all that it's cracked up to be.

  • Little Pooch Lost
    Little Pooch Lost
    Episode 28

    Otto is missing and Sgt. Snorkle sends Beetle and Zero out to look for him. Unknown to them, Otto has been following them on their hunt and playing pranks.

    Snuffy Smith - Loweezy Makes a Match: Loweezy feels Barney needs a woman and drags him to the local matchmaker who is only in the business so she can unload her ugly daughter.

    Krazy Kat - Carnival Capers: While she and Ignatz are visiting the county fair, Krazy finds her cousin Sampson, who is quite simple-minded, is the strongman. After being knocked out by the also clumsy strongman Ignatz goes into a rage.

  • Shutterbugged
    Episode 27

    Beetle needs funds for his upcoming three week leave and enters a photography contest.

    Snuffy Smith - Jughaid for President: Jughaid is told anyone can be president, even an ol' country boy. After playing Abe Lincoln for a day he
    realizes he'll never get there without an education.

    Krazy Kat - Krazy's Krismas:

  • "V" for Visitors
    "V" for Visitors
    Episode 26
    It's visiting day at Camp Swampy and Bunny and her father show up. He has his old WW1 uniform on and wants to play soldier creating havoc for the general and the entire camp.? Snuffy Smith - The Work Pill: An inventor slips Snuffy his new pill which turns him into a working fiend. Krazy Kat - Castle Hassle: Krazy inherits a Scottish castle which arrives by post. Inside is someone evil that wants to take it from her.moreless
  • Camp Invisible
    Camp Invisible
    Episode 25

    The Pentagon is sending an inspection team to Camp Swampy and the sergeant orders Zero to paint the entire camp in one day. The paint he picks off the shelf is top secret invisible paint and the entire camp vanishes from view.

    Snuffy Smith - The Turkey Shoot: Snuffy takes his try at winning a local fair's turkey shoot. He pulls it off only because an errant shot takes out a thief in the process of robbing the box office.

    Krazy Kat - Stoned Through the Ages: Ignatz grows his family tree from special ingredients. As he waters it, portraits of his past family pop out and he describes each one to Krazy.

  • Cosmo's Naught
    Cosmo's Naught
    Episode 24

    To show the Pentagon his troops are in good physical condition the general orders them to go on a 50 mile hike.

    Snuffy Smith - Jughaid's Jumping Frog: A Hollywood director in town is offering a $100 prize for the longest jumping frog to star in his next picture.

    Krazy Kat - Arty Smarty: Offissa Pup and Ignatz have a battle with each other using drawings each one makes.

  • Welsh Rabbit
    Welsh Rabbit
    Episode 23

    A pesky rabbit invades Beetle and Zero's vegetable garden that General Halftrack was to show to reporters.

    Snuffy Smith - The Country Club Smiths: Snuffy inherits a membership to an exclusive country club.

    Krazy Kat - Bungle in the Jungle: Ignatz and Krazy Kat babysit for a good friend.

  • Tatoo-Tootsie Goodbye

    Beetle is jealous of Bunny's old classmate and has a tattoo showdown with him.

    Snuffy Smith - My Kingdom for a Horse: Spark Plug runs away from home after a race horse finds it way to the Smiths.

    Krazy Kat - How to Win a Mouse: Krazy's cousin Fifi visits and gives her pointers on how to romance Ignatz.

  • Leap No More My Lady

    An Australian general brings his pet kangaroo along on an inspection of Campy Swampy.

    Snuffy Smith - Snuffy Hits the Road: Waking up to find a construction crew building a highway on his property, Snuffy heads to Washington D.C. to talk to someone in charge.

    Krazy Kat - Frozen Feud: Krazy Kat's cousin Potluck arrives for a visit via dog sled. Krazy talks Ignatz into letting him stay for one night.. Unfortunately, nights are six months long where he comes from.

  • A Pass is a Pass is a Pass

    The squad is playing football against the MP's and are losing badly when Sgt. Snorkle announces he will give passes out to anyone that can score any points.

    Snuffy Smith - Off their Rockers: The White House is looking for antiques to decorate with and Alfred the antique dealer spots the Smith's belongings and figures to hit the jackpot.

    Krazy Kat - The Desert Island: A flood ravages through town and Ignatz and Krazy are stranded together on a small patch of dry land.

  • Bye Bye Young Lovers

    Beetle and Bunny get caught by her father while attempting to elope.

    Snuffy Smith - Just Plain Kinfolk: Loweezy's cousin Rufe and his new bride the Smiths. Snuffy doesn't want any kinfolk around and it gets worse when he finds Rufe's bride has ten children.

    Krazy Kat - An Arrow Escape: Krazy's Indian cousin Rain in the Puss sets up his tepee and Ignatz starts a war with him

  • For Officers Only
    For Officers Only
    Episode 18

    The squad tries to crash an officer's only party but they have to get by the sarge. Failing that, they have a party of their own.

    Snuffy Smith - Snuffy's Fair Lady: Loweezy spots a billboard for the Classy Chassis Charm School and turns herself into a ravishing beauty.

    Krazy Kat - Malicious Mousechief:

  • A Christmas Tale
    A Christmas Tale
    Episode 17

    Sgt. Snorkle spends Christmas at the Halftrack's.

    Snuffy Smith - Glove they Neighbor: While visiting the carnival Barney enters Snuffy in a fight contest with a $300 prize.

    Krazy Kat - Happy Daze: Ignatz uses hypnotism on Kolin Kelly to get free bricks and then on Offisa Pup when he tries to stop him.

  • Is This Drip Necessary?

    Beetle and Zero want to be transferred to maintenance so upon hearing a drip in General Halftrack's office they decide to fix it to impress the general.

    Snuffy Smith - Give a Jail a Break: Two escaped convicts arrive at the Smith house.

    Krazy Kat - The Purloined Persian:

  • We Love You Sergeant Snorkle

    Sgt. Snorkle is told he is to be transferred and the squad does what it can to keep him in Camp Swampy.

    Snuffy Smith - Snuffy's Brush with Fame: A very rich woman asks Snuffy to paint her portrait after seeing his "masterpiece".

    Krazy Kat - Duel Personality: Krazy Kat's French cousin is visiting and challenges Ignatz to a duel after seeing him hit her with a brick.

  • Go Yeast, Young Man
    Go Yeast, Young Man
    Episode 14

    It's Gen. Halftrack's birthday and the sarge has restricted Beetle and Zero to the mess hall to keep them away from the activities. Bored, they decide to make the general a birthday cake big enough to feed the whole camp.

    Snuffy Smith - Snuffy Goes to College: Snuffy gets a letter 32 years late saying he has been accepted at Backwards U. After failing the admittance test he gets knocked in the head by an errant football and instantly becomes a genius. He becomes the toast of the campus until a fall into a fountain returns him to normal.

    Krazy Kat - Pilgrim's Regress:

  • The Blue Ribbon
    The Blue Ribbon
    Episode 13

    Sgt. Snorkle tries to enter Otto in a dog show but finds he is not pedigreed and can't compete. He, Beetle and Otto take in the show anyway and when a dogfight breaks out Otto wins a ribbon for being a hero.

    Snuffy Smith - Snuffy Van Winkle: Jughaid plays a trick on Snuffy and with the help of Loweezy and Barney makes him think he was asleep for twenty years.

    Krazy Kat - The Earth Worm Turns:

  • Grab Your Socks
    Grab Your Socks
    Episode 12

    There is a secret inspection coming up and Sgt. Snorkel is so worried that he is unable to sleep and keeps waking up the troops every time there is the slightest noise.

    Snuffy Smith - The Tourist Trap: Barney is off to the city but while waiting for someone to pick him up he hatches the idea of turning hillbilly country into a tourist mecca.

    Krazy Kat - There Auto Be a Law:

  • 60 - Count 'em - 60!

    Camp Swampy receives a troop of 60 WACs and Sgt. Snorkel is not pleased. He proposes war games, the men versus the women in an attempt to put them in their place.

    Snuffy Smith - Snuffy Runs the Gamut: Barney tricks Snuffy into entering the Olympic Games.

    Krazy Kat - Road to Ruin:

  • The Bull of the Ball

    Beetle enlists Cosmo for help after Bunny cancels his date to go out with another man.

    Snuffy Smith - Barney Deals the Cars: Barney opens a used car lot and Snuffy is his first and only customer.

    Krazy Kat - Network Nitwit: Ignatz goes on television only to have Krazy Kat constantly interfering with the program.

  • The Sergeant's Master

    Otto gets promoted to second lieutenant and a swelled head does him in.

    Snuffy Smith - The Master: Bullet, Snuffy's dog, gets his butt kicked by a bunny rabbit. Snuffy takes him to a fitness center for dogs and soon finds Bullet has become too strong even for him.

    Krazy Kat - Looney Park: Offissa Pup is taking Krazy Kat on a picnic and Ignatz is furious. He changes the signs and steers the pair into a field with an angry bull.

  • Don't Fiddle with the Brass

    Sergeant Snorkle's platoon is selected to play a concert for a group of visiting officers. Unfortunately nobody in the platoon can play an instrument. They decide to play a record and just pretend to play. Will their plan work or will it backfire?

    Snuffy Smith - The Shipwreckers: The Smith get cruise tickets from a relative to come visit. When they start their hillbilly ways it gets them thrown off the ship.

    Krazy Kat: Krazy Kat decides she want to create a monument honoring Ignatz.

  • Labor Storage
    Labor Storage
    Episode 7

    Sergeant Snorkel assigns Beetle to KP duty and to get back at him Beetle has some very spicy hot chili compliments of Cookie.

    Snuffy Smith - The Berkley Squares: The Smiths receive a message from England about the death of a relative and an inheritance that requires them to visit.

    Krazy Kat - Fizzicle Fitness: The president says the people need to exercise and Ignatz, Krazy and Offissa Pup head to the gym.

  • Beetle's High Horps

    General Halftrack is tired of getting stiffed by the Pentagon and has an idea to send the first man into space. He picks Beetle but Sgt. Snorkel goes for a ride instead.

    Snuffy Smith - Pie in the Sky: Barney and Snuffy hunt blackbirds for Loweezy's pie on a quest for a million dollar prize in a bake-o-rama.

    Krazy Kat - Sporting Chance:

  • A Tree Is a Tree Is a Tree

    Sergeant Snorkel wants to make Camp Swampy look better so he sends away for a Japanese leechee tree. Zero is put in charge of planting it. He accidentally kills it and desperately needs a replacement before Sergeant Snorkel gets back.

    Snuffy Smith - Snuffy's Turf Luck: Snuffy has one day to come up with the money he lost in a card game or forfeit his house and land. He gets Barney Google to enter Spark Plug in a race hoping to get some quick cash.

    Krazy Kat - Sea Sore: Ignatz takes Krazy on a cruise to escape Offissa Pup only to find he is a stowaway on board.

  • Psychological Testing

    Beetle and the sarge are the finalists in the psychological survival tests. The next step is to defeat the current undefeated champion.

    Snuffy Smith - Take Me to Your Gen'rul: Snuffy is back in the military after mistakenly being picked up for draft dodging.

    Krazy Kat - The Quickest Brick in the West: After reading a western tale, Ignatz imagines what it would be like if he lived in the old west.

  • Et Tu Otto
    Et Tu Otto
    Episode 3

    Sergeant Snorkel gets advice from the camp chaplain as how to get along better with his men. The chaplain tells him to be nicer and take an interest in their hobbies and help them with their work. The platoon thinks that Sergeant Snorkle has lost his mind and attack him to return him to his old self.

    Snuffy Smith - The Method and the Maw: The Smiths are stranded again in the city after another of Barney's failures. Loweezy goes searching for food when an actress spots her and wants her to help her prepare for a role.

    Krazy Kat - Housewarming:

  • Hero's Reward
    Hero's Reward
    Episode 2

    The army is playing war games and Beetle is picked to run messages between the regiments. Failing miserably, he manages to get everyone captured except Zero and himself.

    Snuffy Smith - The Hat: The Smiths are stuck in the city with no way to get home. Two con men tell Snuffy they will pay for the families ride home if he delivers a note to the bank.

    Krazy Kat - Mouse Blanche:

  • Home Sweet Swampy
    Home Sweet Swampy
    Episode 1

    Sgt. Snorkle and Beetle each are given ten day furloughs as a reward for their performance in the war games.

    Snuffy Smith - Snuffy's Song: The newspaper has a story about a local fellow who is making millions as a singer. Barney hears Snuffy sing and believes they can do the same.

    Krazy Kat - Keeping Up With Krazy: Ignatz is made regional sales manager for a company that makes prefabricated homes and is tasked with improving sales.