Season 1 Episode 1

Beetle Rock (1)

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 07, 1996 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The monster in Drew's daydream (unnamed, though called "Hairball" by the Blue Stingerborg (he called him "Bug-Face" in the Closed Captions, which also referred to his actual name as being "Green Guy")) will later appear for real in the episode "The Revenge of Vexor" and as an alien reptile in "Space Case".

    • The Blue Stingerborg is the first and only BeetleBorg to appear in this episode, though merely as part of Drew's daydream.

    • This episode features the unofficial first appearances of the Scabs and Magnavore Jetfighters. They're merely products of Drew's daydream only. As such, the Scabs have hats and capes here they will lack when they fully appear debut next episode.

    • Visible among the many items in Zoom Comics here are the actual prop suit for the Power Rangers Zeo monster called "Staroid" (without his star backing) from the episode "The Shooting Star", and the repainted green prop used for the space craft of Bookala in "The Great Bookala Escape" from season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

    • The close-up shot of the comic page Drew reads has the Green Monster say, "Lemme hold your purse one time." and Blue Stingerborg reply, "I was defending myself. Defending my child!"

    • Roland and Jo act like the Green Hunter AV is something they've never seen before in the comics, yet it's featured on various back issues already.

    • The comic art of Jara lacks a cape, and she has blonde hair instead of her usual black.

    • The end credits sequence features Flabber frantically playing his pipe organ.

    • Mums spends only a few seconds in his mummy form in this episode, becoming unwrapped to reveal a skeleton monster beneath (who isn't even voiced by the same actor). Aside from this episode and next, he never displays such an ability again. Strangely, this rubber-suit, Grim Reaper like monster form will later appear as a Magnavore monster-of-the-day, recolored green and called Evil Eye, in the episode "Big Bad Luck".

  • Quotes

    • Flabber: I know you've always wanted to have a pet iguana!
      Jo: How'd you know that?!
      Flabber: (suddenly appears behind the kids) Well... (snaps fingers, causing a bird in a birdcage to appear in his hand) this little bird told me so!
      Bird Squawk! I did not! Stop trying to put words in my mouth! Hey! Anybody got a cracker?

    • Jo: He's really losin' it.
      Roland: What's with this guy?
      Pipettes: He's havin' another identity crisis. Flabber! Snap out of it!
      Flabber: (whoops and gestures like a stopping robot) Hey, girls. Pipe down.

    • Drew: Who... I mean, what are you, anyway?
      Flabber: Flabber's the name; (rubs hair and effecutates his voice) magic and music's my game! (changes voice to that of a magician) And I am truly the most fantasmic Phasm, you'll ever meet!
      Roland: What's a Phasm?
      Flabber: (in a haughty British accent) What's a Phasm?! (jerks head to the side and gives a loud chuckle) Don't you kids know anything? (in Surfer voice) A Phasm's a super-cool being able to work extraordinary feats... Dude!

    • Roland: (while Drew and Jo try to waken him after he passes out) Another five minutes, Mom! I promise I'll get up!

    • Flabber: I'm free! (in gruff voice) Fat free, (in foppish voice) carefree, and... (gestures cape like an umpire) home free!

    • Pipettes: We're the Pipettes! And we proudly present, back by popular demand, let's hear it for, flabastic, flabnominal, flabuous, super Phasm from the 7th Dimension... Heeeere's Flabber!

    • Count Fangula: (after Trip and Van open his door; is speaking into phone) I'll have to call you back. My lunch has just arrived! (bears fangs and hisses)

    • Frankenbeans: Uhh! Finger fell off!
      Mums: Will you stop being such a baby?! We'll sow it back on later!

    • Jo: (checks dusty, cluttered closet) He was right. Just a pile of junk.
      Mums: (inside the closet behind the pile) Hey! Who're you callin' "junk"?! Huh?!
      Jo: (noticing Mums) Ewww, gross!
      Mums: That's better. "Gross" I can live with, but "junk"? That's just not right!

    • Jo: Phew! This place is a mess!
      Roland: Yeah! It looks worse than my bedroom!

    • Roland: Are you crazy, man? Do the words "ghosts, monsters, and vampires" mean anything at all to you?
      Jo: Sounds like a party to me!

    • Green Monster: I've got you now, princess. And nobody can save you!
      Blue Stingerborg: Just call me nobody!

    • Jo: (after spotting her brother looking at a Ballet magazine) Hey, Drew, I got a tutu that'll fit you!

  • Notes

    • This episode debuted as a one-hour special, combined with the second episode. Fox Kids US only aired it once, failing to repeat it in any form, for reasons unknown. Fox Kids UK never aired it in a one-hour format, but due to the fact they were given only the hour long cut, they were forced to edit it down into two episodes themselves. Hence the lack of credits at the start of part 2, and the out of place font for "to be continued". Saban did finally release an official "singular" version of episodes 1 and 2, but not until September 98 for the UPN Kids airing (which was the second and last US airing ever). But of note, this stripped down version omits two scenes: Frankie and Mums encountering Van & Trip; And a brief discussion between Drew and Jo about being scared while they and Roland are hiding in the hidden passageway. The cliffhanger is when the three tell Flabber they want to Beetleborgs (whereas the Fox Kids UK version has it when Flabber turns them into mice).

  • Allusions

    • The comic Heather is reading while working at Zoom Comics is Crazyman #4 by Continuity Comics. As with all posters, stand-ups and various comics seen in Zoom that don't feature BeetleBorgs, these are real items from a real comic shop inventory that the show's production company got for cheap. Other comic company items visible include Valiant Comics and Image Comics (who originally were to publish a BeetleBorgs comic series that never saw print).

    • Drew: Kids, ya know? They say the darnedest things.
      This term comes from the feature segment Kids Say the Darnedest Things on the classic television show, Art Linkletter's House Party.

    • Flabber: I feel good!
      Flabber's channeling Godfather of Soul music, James Brown, here.

    • Pipettes: Shoo-ba-doobah-doo-wee, shooba-doo-wah!
      The Pipettes are fashioned on girl groups of the 1950s Doo-Wop era, and here sing in that style.

    • Flabber: Thank ya, thank ya very much!
      Flabber is mimicking the gestures, voice mannerisms, and words of Elvis Presley.

    • Flabber: Who loves ya?
      This comment intentionally echoes the catch phrase of the titlular detective of the 1973 television series, Kojak.

    • Mums.
      The mummy character of the show is mainly based (loosely) on the Egyptian mummy monster from the 1932 Universal horror film, The Mummy.

    • Frankenbeans.
      The big, lumbering character of the show is based (loosely) on the famed monster of the Mary Shelley novel, Frankenstein. His name is a play on Frankenstein, and the food combination of franks (aka hot dogs) and beans.

    • Count Fangula.
      The vampire character on the show is fashioned (loosely) after the most famous vampire of all time, Bram Stoker's Count Dracula.

    • Flabber: Happy Flabber-day!
      Flabber's first words after being freed from the pipe organ paraphrase the first words of the title character of the TV holiday classic, Frosty the Snowman.