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  • Beetleborg one of my favorite show

    Beetleborg was my all time favorite show growning up an it sill is i can't wait to see new episods of Beetleborg some day
  • Lets mix Power rangers with Movie monsters from the 1920!!!!!!!!! Kids will watch anything they are stupid.

    WOW FOx hit a new low. Beetleborgs is a horrible show. It has bad acting, bad writting and the entire premise is stupid as hell. I am glad that fox let this one die. I didn't like this show when i was a kid and I had bad taste in shows.
  • Just like the other shows.

    I didn't hate this show. I used to think it was an okay show. The thing is that I realized it was just like the other shows like Power Rangers and those brands. I don't understand why I liked it so much when I was a kid. Maybe it's because it was one of the only things that was on during the day. I think that the only things I liked was the fights and some of the comedy. Other than that, it wasn't very original. Monsters, bad guys seeking world domination, and good guys protecting the world. Overall, not bad, not good. Thank you.

    i loved the beetle borgs i liked all the armor and weapons oh and the beetle battle base was incredible all the av's were sweet to hillhurst was the perfect hideout for the show but i wasnt to impressed with the hill hurst monsters though anyways the magnavores were awsome and i absolutely loved the beetle borgs metallix but i wasnt sure which season i liked more 1 or 2
  • Won't miss if don't watch.

    Aside from Power Rangers, Big Bad Beetleborgs was one of my many favorite television shows to look forward to. It had a lot of stuff that Power Rangers had, which was enough for me to watch it. But it was a bit different though.

    Three kids who love comic books are given one wish by a friendly ghost, Flabber. The kids wish they were their favorite comic book characters, the Beetleborgs! Drew McCormick becomes the Blue Stinger Beetleborg, and the leader of the team. He gains the power of telekenesis. His sister, Jo, becomes the Red Striker Beetleborg. She gains the power of super strength. Their friend, Roland Williams, becomes the Green Hunter Beetleborg. He gains the power of super speed. After fighting several monsters made by the bad guys, the Magnavors, they create their own Beetleborg, the evil Shadowborg. Shadowborg easily decimates them, causing the team to make a 4th member. An artist creates the White Blaster Beetleborg, and gives the powers to a classmate of theirs, Josh Baldwin. Josh defeats Shadowborg, but loses his powers as well.
  • Beetleborgs (Before Metallix)

    The series was another rip on the Power Rangers Franchise, though produced by the same company that did them. Three ordinary kids who wish to become their favorite superheroes when they inadvertently free a kind and goofy phantasm from an organ, the story device was very original. The backlash that it created the villains from the comics for them to defeat was an excellent twist aside from the random alien encounter. The house of monsters was a nice turn, though Wolfgang was my favorite and I couldn't stand Fangula.

    The series had its prime era, and I even forgave the sad (but uniquely done) replacement of Jo as the Red Beetleborg to a new actress. (best thing Wolfgang's ever done ;)) But the changing of the series was too radical. They introduce a new character Josh, who has been summoned to stop the Shadowborg and when he's defeated, Josh looses his powers. Then half a season later when they're finally victorious they change their powers. This is the Jump Shark portion of the series, I think. It's also when I lost interest, the data card addition was a bit annoying and the "Bug Out" spell was very campy. The new monster was annoying, and that's about all I have to say about that
  • Kids become heros from their favorite comic book.

    Back in the mid-to-late-nineties, I watched this show all the time. I remember coming home from school on Friday, excited to see what would happen next. I made two friends partly because I liked this show. As a kid, I loved this show and bought several of the toys. Now that I’m older, I still want to watch the old episodes and “relive” my childhood. I want to have to toys of this show, which I foolishly gave away. This was one of my favorite Fox Kids shows. I want this show to be brought back in to syndication, or at least on to DVD.
  • This is crazy, sometimes overly so but thats its genius

    The formula sounds crazy, a few kids explore a haunted house and are given powers out of comic books by a ghost that looks like a clown and makes the genie from aladin seem like Patton. And they fight creatures from comic books in beetle shaped armour while trying to avoid getting eaten by various steriotypical monsters while off duty. A combination of live action and comic book graphics (and captions) shouldn't work but does... just. This is the craziest show I have ever seen, and that's saying something. It sometimes loses you, when Flabber changes clothes and form as if he was the mask you do sometimes think 'get him out of here' but he's much more then laugh a minute and does sometimes keep the show alive.
  • I remember in the morning waiting for BeetleBorgs to come on...It was an enjoyable show that allowed kids to be the hero. It is similar to Power Rangers in many ways. Though the plot had to do with comic books not a great evil of earth or space.

    I miss this show so much. It had a good amount of action with a good ammount of hummor. Even now after 7 years I still crack up at some of the lines. The comic book theme was also fun since in away made fun of the action scequences in comic books while haveing a battle of there own. This shows acting granted wasn't the best ,but it was easy to see that the actors had a good time on set! The series ended with out an ending really due to a low budget the third season never was made! Over all I say it's a show that needs to come back!
  • Big Bad awsome Borgs!

    This is a great show about 3 kids who get powers to morph into the beatle borgs and fight crime! their was a vampire dude and some other monsters who were their friends (been a really long time I forget all their names)The Beatle borg theme song I still sing in my head! Big Bad beatle Borgs! Big Bad Beatle Borgs!This show is great and I iwhs it went on lke the power rangers but didn't get tideus and old like the power rangers!I still watch the Beatle Borg Movie and im in High school!It's because this show has a certain charm to it that make's it a classic forever!
  • Big Bad Beetleborgs, big bad Beetleborgs!

    I remember it like it was yesterday, 3 kids went into a "haunted house" and one of them pressed the piano keys and released that guy that looks like Jay leno. Then he made them superheroes based on bugs! Ha! I wonder why it only lasted 2 seasons. But it was still pretty cool no doubt. I have an advice for the villains, get bug spray! you'll surely defeat the beetleborgs that way. Then they had that Metallix movie, which i had before i turned it into a recordable vhs tape. They lost their powers because of a new and more powerful enemy so now they need new powers-mmm sound familiar? Anyway it was a so-so show.
  • Wow! The Beetleborgs are great! A Beetleborgs are fighting their evil foes. Gold Borg fought his evil foe, Nukus. Purple Borg fought her evil foe. Silver Borg fought his evil foe, too. Leo and Art are an artist. I will like the Beetleborgs. I am feeling g

    I am feeling great. Wow! The Beetleborgs are great! A Beetleborgs are fighting their evil foes. Gold Borg fought his evil foe, Nukus. Purple Borg fought her evil foe. Silver Borg fought his evil foe, too. Leo and Art are an artist. I will like the Beetleborgs. I'm loving Beetleborgs!
  • Cool Show, Lots of Memories

    This was probably my second favorite team of action stars, behind the all great Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. How you didn't love the show always amazed me. The characters were always colorful and creative and the bettle borgs were cool as well. So much more could have been done with the show, but it was cut off and production stopped. But I'll always remember:
    Big Bad Beetleborgs!!!
  • I love this show i used to watch beetleborgs ever time it came on i loved that show and i hope i get to look a the episode that i did\'nt get to see. when i get to look at a episode i will be very happy with taht. .

    I love this show i used to watch beetleborgs ever time it came on i loved that show and i hope i get to look a the episode that i did\'nt get to see. when i get to look at a episode i will be very happy with taht. .
  • I always loved the classic zero to hero motif especially if saban makes it.

    Bring back the beetleborgs and the drangonborgs.
    I also think it would have been cool to have a four way team up between Mighty Morphin Power Rangers , VR Troopers , Masked Rider , and the Beetleborgs.
    Is there a petition to bring the Beetleborgs back.
    SO let me leave you with this.

    Beetle Bonders !!!!!!!!!
    Beetle Blast !!!!!!!!!