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  • Season 1
    • Critter Sitters
      Critter Sitters
      Episode 1
      BJ needs some cash to buy Lydia a present so when she gets a job baby-sitting, he follows suit. But Neitherworld babies are a bit more of a handful than Outerworld ones, and BJ gets dragged before Judge Mental for a long string of offences. Can Lydia keep him from getting thrown to the Sandworms?moreless
    • The Big Face Off
      The Big Face Off
      Episode 2
      It's Beetlejuice and Lydia versus the reigning King and Queen of Gross on a popular Neitherworld TV show. Do our heroes have any chance of winning the big gross-off with BJ feeling below par?
    • Skeletons In the Closet
      The skeletons in BJ's closet have accumulated so much over the years that the closet finally bursts. The skeletons drift astray, telling people the truths Beetlejuice had always hidden from them.
    • A Dandy Handy Man
      Lydia is getting ready for the big photo show, but she can't decide which of her pictures is the best. Beetlejuice loves all of her work, and decides he wants to buy whichever photo she picks - but he doesn't have any money. (Un)fortunately, the Deetzes kitchen sink has sprung a leak, so BJ hatches a plan to pose as a handyman, fix the leak, and make a quick buck. But his Neitherworld tools won't stand for being used.moreless
    • Out Of My Mind
      Out Of My Mind
      Episode 5
      BJ and Lydia have a fight, and Lydia banishes the ghost to the Neitherworld. Beetlejuice foolishly makes the comment that he can't get Lydia out of his mind, and accidentally teleports her there. Lydia meets up with BJ's wimpy Will Power and overbearing Prank Factor - can she convince Will to stand up to Prankenstein? And how will she ever get out of BJ's head?moreless
    • Stage Fright
      Stage Fright
      Episode 6
      Miss Shannon's school is putting on Romeo and Juliet, and Lydia tries out for the part of Juliet. But Clare wants it too and sabotages Lydia's audition. For revenge, Lydia becomes the costume designer and designs a costume she knows Clare will hate - but BJ's got other plans for revenge.moreless
    • Spooky Tree
      Spooky Tree
      Episode 7
      Lydia's favorite tree, Spooky, is slated to be cut down so the road can be widened. Beetlejuice, in a fit of generosity, grants Spooky with the gift of locomotion, allowing the tree to run rampant through the town. Finally, kind-hearted Spooky is replanted somewhere he can be really happy.
    • Laugh of the Party
      It's Halloween and Clare's throwing the biggest bash in Peaceful Pines - until Lydia announces that she, too will throw a party. But there are a few problems: 1) all she has to wear is a cute pink bunny costume; 2) there will be no food or decorations; 3) no one is coming. Well, never fear, Mr. Beetleman is here! Beetlejuice introduces Peaceful Pines to 'Party People In a Can', and boy, the town will never be the same.moreless
    • Worm Welcome
      Worm Welcome
      Episode 9
      Beetlejuice has a run-in with a newly-hatched Sandworm, and Lydia accidentally calls him out of the Neitherworld while he's in contact with it, so they both teleport to the Outerworld. While the Neitherworld locals think that Beetlejuice is responsible for banishing the Sandworm and dub him a hero, the baby Sandworm is now in danger from a pair of human hunters. As much as BJ hates Sandworms, can Lydia ever convince him to help save its life?moreless
    • Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice
      BJ's neighbors kick him out, so he tries to be a 'good neighbor.' But unfortunately, BJ's idea of a good neighbor isn't quite the same one his friends have. It looks like Beetlejuice is out of a place to stay - until he proves to the others that there is *one* thing that he's good for.moreless
    • Campfire Ghouls
      Campfire Ghouls
      Episode 11
      Beetlejuice (disguised as Betty Juice), Lydia, Bertha and Prudence go camping in the Neitherwoods. Bertha and Prudence have never been camping and BJ is sure that they're just a couple of lost cases - until Bertha and Prudence convince him otherwise.
    • Pest O' The West
      Pest O' The West
      Episode 12
      BJ takes Lydia on a trip to a Neitherworld Wild West town, where the locals promptly make Beetlejuice their new sheriff. Can you guess why? Naturally, its because Bully the Crud is on his way to run the sheriff out of town. Bully 'develops' an instant crush on Lydia and drags her off to the wedding least Lydia's insistent on keeping her last name.moreless
    • Bizarre Bazaar
      Bizarre Bazaar
      Episode 13
      Miss Shannon teams up Lydia and Clare to run this year's haunted house at the bazaar. Lydia's got some good and scary ideas, but Clare's got other plans...Not to worry, 'cause BJ's got some plans of his own.
    • Pat On the Back
      Pat On the Back
      Episode 14
      BJ says he deserves a 'pat on the back' and he gets one, in the form of a weird little guy with an Irishoid accent who actually grows out of his back. Pat then proceeds to get Beetlejuice in a lot of trouble with the Mayor, and only Lydia has the insight to help him out of it.moreless
    • Poopsie
      Episode 15
      The Monster Across the Street is going to a Monster Across the Street convention and he leaves Poopsie in Beetlejuice's care for the day.
    • It's the Pits
      It's the Pits
      Episode 16
      Beetlejuice makes it big as an armpit musician, and throws his friends out in the cold.
    • Prince Of The Neitherworld
      Neitherworld royalty Prince Vince falls in love with Lydia and asks BJ for some help in winning her heart. After landing himself a job as Vince's court jester, Beetlejuice agrees - but quickly changes his mind when it looks like Lydia prefers Vince's company to his.
    • Quit While You're A Head
      Beetlejuice's head is kidnapped by headhunters. With the help of Captain Kidder, Lydia and BJ's body track the hunters down to Nobody Atoll, where they must face more than just head hunters.
    • Cousin B.J.
      Cousin B.J.
      Episode 19
      Lydia's Aunt Zapora and Uncle Danport (Delia's family) and Aunt May and Uncle Clyde (Charles' family) come for a visit. To liven things up, Beetlejuice poses as "Cousin B.J.", and boy, does he liven things up!
    • Beetlejuice's Parents
      Yes, you guessed it: Lydia and BJ go to see the latter's parents. His mother is a neat freak and his father is a workaholic - just how far from the tree did Beetlejuice fall?
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  • Season 3
  • Season 4
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