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  • To The Small Screen

    1st ep (09)
  • Beetlejuice

    This series has great written episodes in season one.
  • como puedo ver?

    com opeudo ver los episodios
  • Spooky cartoons that are not spooky but very funny

    This show has one of the best background imaging ever, you really feel that and see that you are in a different world, it is not just muddy images, it is creativty to the max, it really comes alive. As for the characteres they are all extrmely well designed and the detail is incredible again. This show is a work of art. As for bettlejuice he is a nice fella, creepy on the outside and misunderstood but behind that stench of death lies a child's heart, always willing to help and have fun at the same time.

    I love the mix of death and fun on this show, well after all is a Tim Burton creation.
  • Weird and Wacky!

    Good role play and graphics! Mysterious and suspenseful!
  • Why didn't I watch this while it was still airng on TV?

    I remember seeing this cartoon on Cartoon Network when I was 4 years old but never actually bothered to watch it.Last year I got curious and starting watching some episodes of this cartoon and I loved it.Beetlejuice has to be the only show that can actually make puns funny.It's a great cartoon,very funny and has jokes that both children and adults can enjoy.
  • The Ghost With The Most super hilarious and oddly adorable X3 I love this show to death :D

    Beetlejuice is a show not just for children, but adults as well! I guarantee that one episode of this awesomely constructed series will definitely leave u laughing your head off and wanting more!! It is a very great sequel to the equally awesome movie!!! :D I highly recommend it!

    Definitely the best show of it's time!! And my 2nd favorite after the Ben 10 trilogy :D The characters are lovable and humorous and the animation is very epic, as is the coloring and CGI!
    Beetlejuice and Lydia, in my opinion, do make a cute pair :D They're my main favorite characters!
  • Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!'s not that great of a show!

    Based on the popular Tim Burton/ Micheal Keaton film comes this haunted cartoon. I am not exactly sure to as what Beetlejuice actually is. Is he a demon? zombie? or simply and "alive" dead corpse. What ever he is, it is know that if you call his name three times he will come to haunt/ be-friend you. In this cartoon it tells the tales of Lydia and Beetlejuice. Each episode is about the duo fighting a creature from beyond this world or getting out of some Beetlejuice trouble. This series was not that great and is not that memorable. Do yourself a favor... keep your mouth shut and keep Beetlejuice in the grave.
  • Beetlejuice... Beetlejuice... Beetlejuice... What a concept!

    You got to love this cartoon show. I mean, what's in it that you cannot love? You got a creepy, disgusting and sly ghost, who's best friend is a goth girl who loves his jokes, and loves to visit him in the Neitherworld, because her world is just too boring for her. The animation is amazing, and the humour just cracks us up when Beetlejuice starts to shoot jokes, while trying to create a problem of his own, and Lydia ends up saving his dead skin. I think that this is definitely one of the best cartoon series that was ever produced in the end of 80's. Not only is funny, but it also gives us a funnier picture of what the movie would have been, if BJ wasn't the main villain of it. Great show!
  • Beetlejuice is a ghost from the land of the dead - he's a trickster and a swindler, but underneath it all he has a heart. His best friend Lydia is a very kind-hearted living girl into goth. Together they made the perfect pair.

    I loved this animated series based on the movie, which I loved to watch from time to time. The story line is shaped a little different but still have some similar things to the movie. I loved all the episodes I saw even though I do not think I saw them all when airing on television. For any kids who like Beetlejuice and think he cool, this series is great for you. It a good show to watch when kids have free time on their hands. I think it might be on YouTube, so try this website. I was unhappy to see this series over but I was glad I saw it.
  • Off the wall and definitely out there.

    Beetlejuice is a cartoon series based (very loosely) on the movie (that was also weird but good). This was a one of a kind series. The characters were really different and funny. This show was loaded with sight gags and puns. I really enjoyed it when it was on. The artwork was good if a little bit on the simple side. The stories were either good, o.k., or not so good. Kind of hit and miss sometimes. Overall it was a good show. You never knew what to expect. I hate they canceled it, but I guess the popularity of the show just wasn't there.
  • i love BeetleJuice he was funni as hell.

    i always thought that BeetleJuice was one of the funniest movies and shows. i think the mayjor reason is because he was so weird i didnt understand him at all and it was fun to see what he was gonna do next and i was always curious to see if Lydia could stop him and usually she did but i think that one of the seens i remember the most are when Beetle juice gets chased by the sand worm just because it was like oh he has a weakness. over all i like the show its a classic and it was funni BeetleJuice he one cool dude and Lydia she one fly lady ha ha ha.
  • I always found it prett funny back when it was on.

    I can't say that would feel the same if I watched it now, because I'm not sure if I would find the same jokes humorous. I really watched it when it was on in the afternoon after the Saturday morning slot, I was never awake that early on Saturday's. I'm sure some of the humor is timeless and would still be funny, it was just them getting into goofy adventures. I almost would say I liked this cartoon even better than the movie. It was a decent shows, and they made the characters get into all sorts of different adventures.
  • A great memory from childhood--of the twisted sort :P

    I remember watching the animated toon on Nick during the 1990s, and loved it. The concept was creative to say the least--and very funny.

    I've always been fascinated with the life hereafter/ghost thing, so add comedy and animation into the mix, and this was a great cration of the concepts put together.

    Lydia was a great character, not prone to the popularity thing that so many seem to strive for, yet do not undertand. I loved how she could be her own person without sinking to the levels of that blond ditz in the show [can't for the life of me recall her name]. Plus, it was hilarious how Beeteluice often mocked that same said girl.

    Ventures into the Neitherworld were probably thee most interesting parts of the show for me. A person favorite was the time Lydia took two friends unkowingly to an amusement park there, not hinting to them at all that the park goers were not exactly alive.

    Too bad there aren't more shows likes this these days.
  • I loved it as a kid, now I wonder....

    I remember loving this series when I was little. But looking back and thinking about it I realize that many of the characters personalities were extremely, well, "cheesey". And many of the episodes plots were pretty corny themselves as well. If you've ever seen the movie the cartoon was based on, Beetlejuice wasn't even a good guy, but the villian. Probably the only real good thing in the series was Lydia's pale face and gothic wardrobe....
  • A great cartoon based on a great movie.

    Beetlejuice, based on the same movie directed by Tim Burton, is not a great adaption to air on TV in animated format, but it also delves into other territories the movie didn't focus on.

    The show revolves around Beetlejuice, a spirit with an eccentric personality with a good heart, and with his friends, the gothic pre-teen Lydia, the duo finds themselves in the Neitherworld (afterlife) going on to usual adventures that the two must get themselves out of.

    While a great cartoon, the only thing that should be better is if the show comes out on DVD.
  • this is a huge flashback 4

    dude i was like 5 when this show was on..maybe even younger than that..and my mom said i used to luv this cartoon when i was younger so i went on to go check it see who did the voices and stuff..its sooo gonna try to remeber stuff from it lol
  • great cartoon

    i remember i would come home everyday from school and watch this cartoon. i loved the movie and the cartoon was great too. its funny because when i was little i was afriad to say beetle juice 3 times. i thought that maybe he would show up and try to scare me or something like that. hehehe
  • Omg i loved this show

    "BEATLEJUICE, BEATLEJUICE, BEATLEJUICE!"I loved the movie and i loved the cartoon too this was a hella awesome show and i simply loved it and it needs to come back! but i have one question what is beatlejuice the stuff that comes out when you step on beatles??i just don't know
  • The perfect combination of puns, crazy characters, and dead people: bliss!

    Well, anyone who knows me knows this is one of my favorite cartoons of all time. It's the perfect combination of puns, crazy characters, and dead people: bliss! I don't think it's one of the *best* shows ever, but it's one I enjoy greatly (there's a difference). I've run a Beetlejuice fansite (the first) since 1997, and I get wonderful emails from people all over the world telling me how much they love the show, and how it's influenced their lives; and at the very least, how it's influenced their wardrobe! Hey *I* made a striped suit, and I'm a woman! I even have a custom bathing suit patterned after BJ's suit! And yes, as a matter of fact, I *do* have a medical office skeleton dressed like Jacques on my patio, in case you're wondering if the rumor's true. Okay I'll stop being obsessive now...

    This was a very fun, very creative show that has brought joy to myself and countless others.
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